Chicago Black Leaders Speak Up About Food and Racial Discrepancies

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In light of George Floyd’s murder on May 25, 2020, protests have filled the streets across many cities, fed up with the way things are. Black Leaders of Chicago on the west and southside support one another and be a beacon of light in these unprecedented times.

Chicago’s Black leaders speak up about food and racial discrepancies. Black Leaders, particularly at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, have felt the pain and sadness of what appears to be a recurring nightmare of endless strife, denial of equality, the endless battle of racism, and the never-ending killings of Black Americans.

ChicagoThe Greater Chicago Food Depository knows that Black Lives Matter and, as a Chicago Food Bank, are committed to dismantling its root cause. Black Leaders across the city know that this takes a collaborative effort, and some have come together to do their part, including racial inequity.

A Black Faith Leader on the southside of Chicago has fed and knows the importance of having the “Talk,” instilling the importance of safety, especially her Black sons and all others.

The mindset to intentionally cause a lack of food based on skin color is inhumane.  This is a leading cause for those less fortunate to find food and equality by any means necessary. The lack of food and racial discrepancies present today are root causes of the violence running rampant within Chicago.

Food injustice is just a natural component of the whole inequality of society. For too long, what is in place does not and has not worked for the betterment of all. The time for change is here, and now, there is enough food for all.

As we speak about protests, there is more peaceful protest than non-peaceful. Sadly, the media will mostly highlight underprivileged Black and brown communities with no plan to dismantle the root cause of food and racial discrepancies within our communities. The violence is likely to continue.

The many unforeseen circumstances during COVID-19 has also caused violence in poverty communities to skyrocket. There is no excuse, just a sad reality that seemingly stands, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The step to change the trajectory regarding food, race, and violence within Chicago and worldwide is now.

Opinion News by Teleza Rodgers
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware



Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Sarah Kavage’s Flickr Page Creative – Commons License

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