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Chicago Man Arrested for His Part in January 6th Capitol Riot



Kevin Lyons, a resident of Chicago’s Jefferson Park community, was arrested on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, and charged with unlawful entry to the Capitol.

He admitted traveling to Washington as a Trump supporter believing his loss was unfair.  Lyons allegedly posted a map from Chicago to Washington D.C. on Instagram, stating, “I refuse to tell my children that I set back and did nothing. I am heading to DC to STOP THE STEAL!”

He faces two misdemeanor charges and a $10,000 unsecured bond set by Judge Gabriel Fuentes. Due to his Instagram post, his home was raided by Chicago Police.

ChicagoThe Chicagoan was not upfront with the FBI until they showed him his Instagram photo that he took in Nancy Pelosi’s office. He was surprised they could retrieve the photo, stating he only left it up for an hour. Lyons described himself to agents as a tourist.

A sorrowful It was a sorrowful day in America as many, including a Chicagoan, thought they would and could get away with such ludicrous behavior. The damage that was done to the Capitol and the recordings of those involved should receive punishment to the highest level.

A spokesperson from Pelosi’s office said Lyons admitted to being in the hallway and did enter the big boss’s office. Lyons told investigators he and 20-30 people were in her office. Eventually, Capitol police came in with guns drawn and escorted everyone out.

The mindset of anyone planning to cause harm to anyone intentionally poses a threat to everyone. Such behavior should be held to the highest consequences for the betterment of all.  It is with great hope that people will unite across the world as one.

By Teleza Rodgers
Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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