Chicago Public Schools Debate Over the Removal of School Police Officers

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The debate about police officers being in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has been going on for months. While some believe school resource officers (SROs) should remain in schools for safety measures, others see them as a danger to Black and Brown children’s safety. For this reason, CPS has left the final decision up to school administrators.

What Other Safety Measures Will Be Put In Place If Officers Are Removed?

ChicagoIf SROs are removed, there are multiple other safety options for them to be replaced with. The alternatives include a peer jury, de-escalation training, peace rooms, and other restorative justice practices. Additionally, the funding that would have gone to officers could be redirected towards employing more psychologists and nurses.

Should School Resource Officers Be Removed?

The discussion surrounding whether SRO’s should remain in schools has been going on since school began in September. Recent graduates from a CPS school vividly remember filling out several surveys repeatedly asking about SROs. Unfortunately, many students did not realize what removing SROs meant, and it seems certain this is what has led to the ongoing debate.

For this reason, the benefits of removing SROs outweigh the supposed benefits of not removing them. Ultimately, the decision is in the hands of CPS schools. Hopefully, the needs of students will be taken into careful consideration.

Opinion by Reginae Echols


CBS Chicago: Dozens Of Chicago Public Schools To Vote On Whether To Keep Or Remove School Police Officers

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