Philippine Air Force Plane Crashes Killing at Least 45 [Video]



A Lockheed Martin C-130 Philippines military aircraft has crashed in Patikul village at 11:30 a.m. (11:30 p.m. ET) on Sunday, July 4, 2021. According to Philippine Armed Forces Chief Cirilito Sobejana, the aircraft crashed after missing the runway. Forty-five people are reported dead, and at least 50 people have been injured.

Reuters reported the crash as the Philippines’ worst military disaster in decades. In 1993, 30 people were killed when a Philippine Air Force C-130 aircraft crashed.


Speaking of Sunday’s aircraft craft. Philippine Joint Task Force Sulu Commander William N. Gonzales said 17 personnel are still missing. The personnel aboard the plane were supposed to report to duty today to join the fight against terrorism.

The country has been fighting Abu Sayyaf, a Filipino jihadi group. The group declared its allegiance to ISIS back in 2014. Abu Sayyaf has been linked to bomb attacks and piracy for decades.

The tragedy comes weeks after last month’s crash of a newly acquired S-70i Black Hawk utility helicopter. The helicopter was conducting night flight training when it crashed near Capas, Tarlac, on June 23, 2021. There were three pilots and three crew members aboard the flight. All six perished in the crash.

There were more than 90 Philippine military personnel and crew aboard the aircraft that crashed on Sunday.  Some of the injured were taken to the Zamboanga. Rescue and recovery efforts are underway.

Written by Ebonee Stevenson
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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