Illinois Addresses Climate Crisis by Passing Historic Clean Energy Bill

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Climate Crisis

The long-stalled green-energy measure was reenergized when the Illinois House of Representatives approved a historic energy package; 83-33. On Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021, legislators passed a to address the climate crisis by ending the state’s dependence on high-polluting fossil fuels by the middle of the century.

In June, the State’s Congress was unable to move the bill forward in large part due to “feuding between environmentalists and organized labor. ” The deal did not come together as there was concern over the intended speed of closing down natural gas-fueled power plants reported Senate President Don Harmon (D-Oak Park). He added:

We don’t want to vote for something that puts us in the middle of a fight between friends, between key constituencies, between organized labor and the environmental community. There is a deal to be reached, and we just need to get them back at the table and push a little bit harder. I’m confident we’ll be able to do that.

Climate CrisisThe climate-crisis resolution would then be tabled until the fall session. According to its sponsors, The House’s bill could increase electricity bills for residential consumers an average of $4.50 a month.

With Gov. JB Pritzker’s backing, the legislation moves forward to the state Senate. If it reaches his desk as expected, the bill represents the largest achievement for the governor. A large part of his 2018 campaign promises centered on a green-energy platform and ramping up for his 2022-re-election bid with the climate crisis resolution under his belt.

On Thursday, Pritzker promised to sign the legislation if it passed the Senate. He boasted the bill was one step closer to reaching 100 percent clean energy. The comprehensive energy package puts consumers first and addresses the climate crisis.

SB2408 prioritizes significant ethics and transparency reforms. It institutes a key ratepayer and residential consumer protection. It has the power to end the utility companies from padding their profits through the energy bills largely drafted at their bidding. Reforming the energy systems in the United States begins bypassing the energy lobbyists who ignore the science that has led to the current state of the country’s climate crisis.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


WBEZ Chicago: Illinois House Passes A Sweeping Energy Bill That Would End The State’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels; by Dave McKinney and Tony Arnold

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