America’s Judicial System Seldom Punishes Corrupt Government Leaders

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It is a fact, the rich and powerful seldom pay for their crimes in America. The United States has one of the worst judicial systems in all developed nations. Justice is not blind. Justice is bought and paid for by far too many. Included in this fact is the corrupt government in Washington D.C.

Not one person in the government’s three branches has been fairly punished for their crimes against America. Instead, politicians take care of each other because they all share in corrupt practices. For example, Clarence Thomas was allowed a seat on America’s Supreme Court, although there was no doubt that he was guilty of sexual harassment at the very least. Additionally, multiple Congress members committed sexually related crimes and offenses associated with gains in personal wealth without a single criminal conviction.

Moreover, President George W. Bush and his administration lied to Congress about Iraq’s “possession of weapons of mass destruction,” placing America in a second unwinnable war. No punishment.

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Most recently, former President Donald Trump, a proven sexual predator, reportedly bribed public officials and laundered money for Russian oligarchs allowing him to continue living the life of a billionaire. As a result, many Americans believe that Trump illegitimately won the presidency.

This is worrisome and causes logical Americans to lose sleep over these facts because the select committee investigating the January 6th insurrection is sure to prove that treason was committed by a sitting president, and historically speaking, nothing will happen to the worst man in the world. This is the worst of American politics.

The attempted coup on January 6 was organized and planned with Trump’s full knowledge. The Washington Post outlined some details about how, when, and where the worst event in our nation’s history became a reality.

Trump’s attorneys and others set up a room at the Willard Hotel as the command center for the upcoming January 6th coup, the day the Electoral College vote was to be certified by Congress. Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, and John Eastman, among others, were inside the room where Trump ordered them to take any and all means to keep him in the White House.

Guest Daily Kos columnist Frank Vyan Walton explains:

They sought to make the case to Pence and ramp up pressure on him to take actions on Jan. 6 that Eastman suggested were within his powers, three people familiar with the operation said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations. Their activities included finding and publicizing alleged evidence of fraud, urging members of state legislatures to challenge Biden’s victory and calling on the Trump-supporting public to press Republican officials in key states.

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This is clearly an act of sedition, but the democratically elected government’s subsequent attack on the Capitol Building became treason.

What should happen to a sitting president who attempts to overthrow his own government? If this were any other nation in the world, not the most lawless government in the free world, Trump would have immediately been placed in federal prison and never be a free man again.

A person doe not have enough fingers to count the Constitutional violations committed by Trump and his administration over four years. He obstructed justice at least 10 times. He violated the Emoluments Clause every day he was in office. His human rights abuses were constant. And yet, after he was impeached twice for cause, he remained in office. The “Republican Party” no longer exists.

Laws do not apply to the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of America’s government. Even though the government is supposed to answer to the American people by law, they continue to act as though they are rulers, ignoring the wishes of all 331 million people.

Drastic changes are needed to restructure America’s government. First, Congress members must have term limits. Second, the Supreme Court must have a limited appointment. A job for life is not democratic. Finally, American voters must move to remove all incumbents out of all political offices. They must elect women and men who will work for the people, not themselves and special interests.

Lastly, members of either political party should end their affiliation today. Independents vote for the best candidates, not for a party. Voting for a party is why America is burdened with the worst government in the world. Voting for a party gave Americans politicians like Moscow Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Steve Scalise, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Chuck Grassley, and others who have no interest in the future of the country or the people of the United States of America.

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