Refusing an Effective COVID Vaccine and Using Unproven Drugs Is Illogical

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Since the COVID-19 vaccine has been proven effective and its success rate is irrefutable, spending money on and ingesting a malaria drug or anti-parasitic instead of a drug developed for one purpose is illogical.

How dumb are anti-vaxxers?

Take the case of Allen West. He is a proud TEA Party extremist and the “Republican” candidate for the Governor of Texas. He is an anti-vaxxer and has been diagnosed with coronavirus after attending an overcrowded fundraiser.

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

West admits that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin even though there is zero evidence that they can halt or lessen the effects of COVID-19.

Moreover, now that he is hospitalized, he has been given a still-experimental drug, which has proven to be helpful in some cases, monoclonal antibody injections. The latest report claims that he is doing well.

Remember, West was once a Representative from Florida who accused Democrats of “having at least 80 communists in their ranks after joining the TEA Party.” Another right-wing nut bag. This man is not intelligent enough to lead a state or anything larger than a lemonade stand. If he does not trust science, he is another Donald Trump clone who will not trust anyone else and will undoubtedly fail as badly as his Fuhrer.

Right-wing politicians and Fox News, among other extremist groups who constantly create conspiracy theories, attempt to blame President Biden for escalating the coronavirus in some states. The facts prove that anti-vaxxers are the ones to blame, and they are all brainwashed supporters of the worst man in the world.

Once President Biden took office, it was immediately revealed that Trump and his administration had no plan to distribute the vaccine when it was ready, although he constantly bragged about its creation.

Not one positive effort for the majority of the nation’s people was accomplished in four years. However, Trump did reduce taxes for the super-rich and large corporations to a dangerously low rate. He is also “credited” with spending more taxpayer money for his personal use than any other president in history.

Over the last 40 years plus, I have come to realize that all right-wing politicians are batshit crazy and a danger to the future of our nation. They proved it once and for all when they bowed to the Russian agent who lived in the White House for four long years, on occasion. Anyone with a basic intellect and common sense knew in 2016 that Trump would be the worst choice in history to lead 330 million people. He proved that he was far worse than any of us feared.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Elvert Barnes’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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