Common Sense Seems to Have Missed Some Parents

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Parenting is hard, especially when common sense is missing. There is more to being a parent than the act of creating the child. For instance, there is nurturing through feeding, changing, bathing, teaching, and clothing the child. It also means ensuring harmful things like weapons and drugs are way out of children’s reach.

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In recent years there have been more and more news reports about children dying from accidental gunshots, school shootings, and accidental drug overdoses. In most of these cases, these senseless deaths could have been prevented if the parent(s) had paid more attention or had better common sense.

Examples of Common Sense Missing Some Parents

If a person chooses to have a firearm in the home they should have it locked up in a place out of reach of small hands. A 25-year-old North Carolina mother was inadvertently shot and killed when her children found a gun in her handbag in February 2021.

A 3-year-old boy in Houston, Texas discovered an unsecured firearm and fatally shot his 8-month-old brother in April. On August 12 a Florida toddler found an unsecured handgun and fatally shot his parent while she was on a Zoom call with co-workers. A 2-year-old Gastonia, North Carolina toddler found a gun in his home and accidentally shot and killed his father on August 8.

The owner of Southern Belle Firearms Training, Jennifer Fredell-Saucier, made an excellent point, “A lot of people look at the situation and they think that the child knows that’s a gun. That’s dangerous and that’s not always the case.”

In New Mexico, a 13-year-old boy got ahold of their father’s gun and shot a boy of the same age killing him. Prosecutors, in that case, said the firearm was in an unsecured location at the time the teenager found the weapon.

Earlier this week, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, from Oxford High School in Michigan took a gun one of his parents purchased for him and shot several classmates — ultimately killing four and wounding seven others. After being taken into custody his parents went on the run. On December 4, they were captured and brought in front of a judge for an arraignment hearing. They both pled not guilty and now have a $500,000 bond.

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It should be common sense for any parent to school their children on the dangers and proper handling of weapons. However, for some parents, this is not part of their natural thought process.

Unfortunately, firearms are not the only thing that parents are lacking common sense about. There are more and more children dying due to getting ahold of street drugs nowadays.

Other Examples of Parents Lacking Common Sense

On June 17, 22-month-old Charles Rosa-Velloso died after drinking formula tainted with fentanyl. The boy was under the care of his father at the time, his mother was in the hospital giving birth to her second child.

Hailey Goding, a 3-year-old in Maine lost her life after her mother left drug paraphernalia out within the child’s grasp. In early November a Brownfield, Maine 3-year-old survived ingesting heroin one of her parents left down within her reach.

Addiction is a horrible thing but one should be smart about it when they are around children. Of course, common sense says not to do it around young at all, however, addiction can dull all common sense. Not an excuse, just a fact.

Drugs, weapons, and other dangerous products should always be placed out of children’s reach or locked up away from youth. If a parent is going to allow their young to handle a weapon they need to train them how to properly handle the device.


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