GOP Treats Women as 3rd Class Citizens

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Today’s Republican Party in name only considers women third-class citizens. Every bill presented in Congress related to women’s rights or safety has been defeated by these fake Republicans (RINOS). Right-wing politicians are comparable to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Fact: Men are more likely to vote for Republicans and women for Democrats and Independents. There are many reasons for this, but most important to the nation’s future is how everyone sees the government’s direction to save its future.

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Men are more concerned with possessions, and therefore profits. Women understand the importance of issues but are also concerned about voting rights, female-oriented rights, sensible immigration reform, universal healthcare, affordable or accessible education, reforming gun laws, and income inequality.

Other reasons why today’s RINOs are losing the votes of America’s women are demonstrated by changes in the nation’s demographics. Females continue to dominate the population, 51-49 percent. More of them are registered to vote than men, and more women filed their intentions to run for political office in 2018 and 2020 than men. In addition, there are more females enrolled in colleges and universities than males.

There will be more qualified women than men for positions in corporations and smaller businesses in just a few years. America’s largest voting bloc belongs to millennials. The majority of this demographic considers women equal in every aspect and are far less likely to vote for members of a party that continues to wage war against all genders.

There is only one reason why a woman’s right to abortion became a political issue. Republicans continue to violate the first amendment by allowing the Christian Religious Right to create policy in Washington. This is a crime against the very meaning of American’s most sacred document: the Law of the Land.

The same is true about same-sex marriage. The right-wing made this a political issue when it is actually a human rights issue.

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It is time for more women to become members of the House and Senate. Although that number has been growing on the left side of the aisle, the party of old men has added very few real women to their numbers on the right. They do have some females who are traitors to their gender and vote against women’s rights — including Joni Ernst, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert.

There is also a need for a more diverse Congress. Statistics prove that it is likely by 2030 that there will be more Americans of mixed race than white. And I’m not sorry to report this to the men and women who believe in Trump’s plan for America, to return white power to a few who would rule over everyone else.

Finally, because this is the United States, there is one important issue that will complete the implosion of today’s “Republican Party.” Women control the majority of the nation’s wealth. In America, which has become a business and less of a country, money talks.

The truth is, old, white men have ruined the country for more than 100 years. Time for real change; change that will reflect America’s population in the 21st century.

Op-Ed by James Turnage
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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