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The GOP Is Now the ‘Russo-American Party’

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Let us end this dance. There are many reasons why the once Grand Old Party ceased to exist by the end of the 20th century. I blamed several individuals for the demise of the Republican Party, including Ronald Reagan, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. They definitely played a part in the final implosion of the GOP, but there is a much darker and more sinister relationship responsible for the party now occupying the right-side of the Capitol Building involving Russian connections.

The more I read from publications around the world, a growing number of names are added to my list. This list contains names of Republican members of the House and Senate. They share only one thing, and that commonality is disturbing. Each of them has a close association with a Russian agent, oligarch, or Vladimir Putin himself.

Let us begin with the obvious. Donald Trump first met Putin in 1987 when he was invited to Moscow by the KGB. After 12 years as a member of the Russian spy agency, Putin was a high-ranking officer and would have been in attendance when Trump and Ivana met with KGB leaders. The dossier, composed by former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele, containing an account of Trump’s visit to Moscow with his Miss Universe Pageant in 2013, has never been proven to contain a single falsehood. Today there is no doubt that the 2016 election was stolen by Trump, who colluded with Putin. Moscow Mitch played a part in the rigged election, but I’ll get to that later.

Ronald Reagan was extremely soft on Russia. I have no direct information about his connections with the powers who dissolved the USSR, but we know more about the Iran-Contra scandal in which Reagan and Vice-President George H.W. Bush were heavily involved. I have not been able to find a connection involving Russia, but to think that Russian leaders were not aware of the arrangement is not believable.

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Moscow Mitch McConnell earned his nickname in several ways. First, there have been numerous allegations that Moscow Mitch received several campaign contributions from Russian oligarchs. One of the accusations is based on the fact that he was influential in a Russian steel company winning a contract in Kentucky over several bids from western companies.

During Trump’s illegitimate administration, Moscow Mitch refused to allow a vote on hundreds of bills that would have positively affected the working class, minorities, and our military. They were stacked on his desk, but he refused to allow a single vote on the floor of the senate. One of these bills would have distributed federal funds to every state with the intent of preventing future interference by foreign nations in our elections. This inaction finally earned him the nickname “Moscow Mitch.”

Earlier I mentioned another connection between Moscow Mitch and Russia. Because “the truth lives here,” I offer you one of the greatest acts of obstructing justice in history.

In October 2016, just three weeks prior to the election, directors of the CIA, FBI, and the DIA asked for a meeting in the Oval Office. In attendance were President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Ryan. Revealed was the fact that all three agencies confirmed that Russian agents were attempting to interfere in the upcoming election in support of Donald Trump. I am not able to offer details, but I do know that Moscow Mitch made several threats if President Obama revealed this information to America’s voters. We know the results, and for this, I will never forgive Mr. Obama. We have a right to know everything about our government. Using “reasons of national security” is 100 percent bull. We, the people, are the United States of America.

Ted Cruz was one of the passengers in the 2016 clown car of presidential candidates. Financing his campaign was tech billionaire, Robert Mercer. He is extremely secretive, but we do know that he has long been a supporter of those who would end the democratic republic established by our Founding Fathers. Mercer does not support democracy and, therefore, the Constitution. Among other anti-American groups, he has been Breitbart’s primary supporter for many years.

Mercer has refused to comment, but on more than one occasion, his yacht and the yachts of Russian oligarchs have been docked next to or close to each other in various locations around the world. It is easy to suspect that Cruz was fully aware of this Russian connection and privy to conversations between Mercer and Russian oligarchs, if not Putin himself.

Now, the final connection.

When Cruz was crushed in the primaries by Trump and forced to withdraw, in August of 2016, Mercer moved his money, Steve Bannon, who previously led Breitbart, and spin doctor Kellyanne Conway to Trump’s failing campaign.

Although Trump had viciously attacked Cruz, his wife, Heidi, and his father, Cruz abandoned what little integrity he possessed and campaigned for Trump’s election after the July convention and is now one of his most ardent supporters.

This is the Russian connection, and it goes much deeper. The right-wing in Washington is now the “Russo-American Party.” I cannot confirm that 100 percent of today’s Republican Party in name only have close ties to Russia, but I can confirm they are in the majority.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Dmitry Djouce’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image by Leon Roberts for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Courtesy of NARA & DVIDS Archive – Public Domain License

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