Elon Musk Finds Research on Media Outlets Trusted by Voters ‘Interesting’

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It is ‘interesting’ how voters feel about trusting different media outlets, Elon Musk wrote in a lengthy tweet. The Republicans only found The Weather Channel and Fox News to be trustworthy. The Democrats believe CNN and PBS are trustworthy, and those who do not identify as either Republican or Democrat pretty much remained neutral concerning all media outlets except for Newsmax and Breitbart. However, in another tweet, Musk stated, “69.420% of statistics are false.”

It is interesting to note that concerning CNN, the Republicans and Democrats are on the extreme opposite ends of the scale and the rest of the voters are in the middle. Sixty-six percent of Democrats trust CNN and only 11 percent of Republicans trust the news source. The New York Times has a similar spread and Fox News is the opposite: 53 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Democrats support this new source.

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Only 52 percent of American voters trust The Weather Channel. This surprised Musk, according to his tweet. He later added that he had seen “The Truman Show” and the weather was “fake news.”

Forty-one percent of the people polled trust PBS, and 39 percent trust the BBC news outlet.

Democrats appear to be more trusting of most media outlets except for Fox News. Fewer Republicans trust Fox News from the 2020 poll where 57 percent of Republican voters polled in 2020 trusted Fox News, in this poll only 53 percent watch Fox News.

It is clear from this poll that voters who do not identify as Republican or Democrat do not trust any news outlets. They remained neutral on almost all news.

It seems that American voters either read or hear the news from smaller media outlets or through a mixture of outlets. This survey does not make that clear.

The survey was conducted by Economist/YouGov. They polled 1,500 people to see what news sources they trusted the most. The poll was conducted from March 26-29, 2022.

It is interesting to see how voters think independently of the sway of media outlets and which ones they trust.

Written by Jeanette Vietti


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