Abortion Protest Outside Clinic

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Courtesy of American Life League (Flickr CC0)

There are a lot of Anti-Abortion protests that are going against women that are getting abortions. Protesters are standing outside Abortion Clinics protesting abortion is murder. You have some people that are going into the clinic that was rapped or just too young. Some feel abortion is pro-choice people should be able to choose what is best for them to deal with.


People are trying to get away to get rid of the Anti-Abortion Protest from the clinics. Some people go there because they have no choice.

These protests are making them feel like they are evil and they can not help what someone has done to them. Abortions are sometimes a person’s last resort. Sometimes they have no choice because there could be something wrong with their baby. There are some people that are screaming these women are murders; causing those who are entering the clinics to feel like they are bad people.

Most of these women feel what they are going through is their fault. They can feel: “I did something wrong and now I am losing my baby and I am a murderer.”

One lady was followed all the way to her car being called a murderer. Women have the right to choose what is happening to their bodies therefore they should not get harassed by people about the decision they are making with their bodies. Protestors claim they do not harass these women, they are just standing there giving their opinion about how they feel about it.

The pro-choice side is trying to make it so the people that are going to the clinic are not being harassed by the people that are Anti-Abortion. They want women to see that they have rights and can make their own choices.

Written By Niki Jones
Edited by Sheena Robertson


BBC News: The bitter fight over abortion clinic protests

Feature and Inline Image Courtesy Of American Life League  Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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