Actor Bruce MacVittie of ‘Law & Order’ Dies at 65

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The “Law & Order” actor Bruce MacVittie died at 65 in a New York City hospital on May 7, 2022. This was confirmed by his family on Thursday, according to The New York Times. No cause of death was released, and the Office of the Cheif Medical Examiner of The City of New York has yet to return calls from Guardian Liberty Voice.

The Actor’s Career

MacVittie started his career as an actor in high school. He then went to a university and then moved to New York City. There MacVittie joined The Ensemble Studio Theater and participated in Edward Allen Baker’s production of “What’s so Beautiful about A Sunset Over Prairie Avenue.” After his time in The Ensemble Studio Theater, he helped found Naked Angels Theater Company. He spent over a decade at the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights’ Conference with Llyod Richards.

“American Buffalo” was his next role. MacVittie started as an understudy to James Hayden. The Show got moved to broadway and he got his break as he took over the role from Hayden. The actor played that role all from The United States to The United Kingdom.

MacVittie started his on-screen acting career, as Gerald Clayton on the 1981 T.V. show “Barney Miller”. The actor would quickly follow up his first appearance on T.V. with his first movie “The Chosen” simply known as “bully”. Other appearances  in the first half of his career include:

  • “The Cotton Club”
  • “Miami Vice”
  • “The Equalizer”
  • “American Playhouse”
  • “The Whoopee Boys”
  • “Vibes”
  • “The Street”
  • actor
    Courtesy of Mustafa Khayat (Flickr CC0)

    “The January Man”

  • “He Said, She Said”
  • “L.A. Law”
  • “The Stand”
  • “Stonewall”
  • “Sex and the City”
  • “Oz”
  • “100 Centre Street”

MacVittie then landed a role on “Law & Order” in 1991 which he would continue to act as various characters throughout the several spin-offs over the years until 2021. The actor starred in various other TV shows and movies.

In 2002 he got a role on “The Sopranos” for which he is widely recognized as the character Danny Scalecio.  A few years after the actor appeared in “The Sopranos,” MacVittie voiced various characters in his first videogame role in  “Red Dead Revolver.” A year later the actor voiced Uncle Leone in “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.”

Other works he has appeared in include:

  • The hit videogame “Grand Theft Auto V,”
  • In the show”Waterfront,”
  • In the series “As The World Turns,”
  • The sequel to “Red Dead Revolver,”
  • “Red Dead Redemption.”

One of MacVittie’s last roles was in “Call Jane,” by Director Richardson. In 2022, he played Ruben Well in “Bull,” and appeared in the movie “The Way They See Us.”

Warren Leight, the franchise producer of “Law & Order”  paid their respects on Twitter.

MacVittie is survived by his wife and his daughter.

Written by Ronnie J. Acosta
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Featured, and Top Image Courtesy of Ajay Suresh Common Wikimedia – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Mustafa Khayat Flickr – Creative Commons License

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