Birds Are Not Real

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Right-wing conspiracy theories are their latest tactic to misdirect the truth about what is happening in our country today. Q’anon, Fox News, Newsmax, and every politician who calls him or herself a “Republican” is guilty of this fact. They are so ridiculous that most informed Americans realize they are laughable. But one group decided to expose how moronic any American must be to believe any of them. They share my promise that “the truth lives here.” Unfortunately, there remains no cure for “stupid.”

The ”Birds Aren’t Real” began in 1976 as a movement to halt the elimination of several species of birds. When that failed, it became an effort to expose the lunacy of conspiracy theories.

Peter McIndoe, the founder of the current group, appeared on “60 Minutes.” He explained that at their rallies, they make the ridiculous claim that “birds aren’t real,” the government is killing thousands of the winged creatures and replacing them with miniature drones to spy on the American people. Okay, stop laughing and read the rest!

For a reason I don’t understand, millions of Americans are more willing to believe conspiracy theories than information offered by scientists. Since 2015 millions of men and women who appear normal, eagerly believed tens-of-thousands of lies from the obese fraud. Today, Q’Anon supporters are gathered in a Texas Park waiting for John Kennedy Jr. to rise from the dead and lead Trump back into the White House. I couldn’t make this shit up.

McIndoe has more than a million followers who believe his every intentional lie. In March, a rally was held in Hollywood.

[Fortunately, this “rally,” like most things in Hollywood, is fake. Two hundred self-described bird truthers, all in on the act, playfully protested the very serious-sounding “bird drone surveillance crisis.”]

McIndoe at rally: If it flies? It spies! If it flies? It spies!

If it flies, it spies, they chanted.

McIndoe at rally: Birds aren’t real!

Then called out the mainstream media’s supposed avian agenda.

I believe that all Americans are tired of the arrogance, ignorance, and just plain stupidity of the men and women on the right side of the aisle. I could never be a member of a political party. Doing so would require me to vote for a party and not for the best candidate. The men and women who choose to be members of today’s Republican Party in name only also choose to be ignorant and discount facts.

Okay, go ahead and laugh at Q’Anon and other extremist right-wing groups. It’s fair. But also realize that millions of people believe them, and they have the right to vote. If this doesn’t frighten the hell out of you, it should. Our nation has obviously been “dumbed down” to a level that seems impossible.

This story is scary, and offers one more reason why it’s mandatory that every eligible American vote on November 8th. There are reasons Republicans are suppressing voter rights across our country. If you don’t vote, you are supporting ignorance and eventually fascism.

Take a few minutes away from your electronic devices and exercise your right to vote. It is not only your right, it is your responsibility.

Op-ed by James Turnage


CBS News: Parodying conspiracy theories with the Birds Aren’t Real movement; by SHARYN ALFONSI
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Featured Image Courtesy of Thomas Hawk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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