More Secrecy, This Time From Democrats, and the Darkest Day in American History Is the Subject

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Nothing ticks me off than when someone in government keeps secrets from the American people. If I have heard it once, I have heard it several thousand times: “that cannot be revealed, it is a matter of national security.” To this, I say: “Why weren’t we allowed to know that Russia was attempting to help Trump win our 2016 election.”

A meeting was held in October of 2016 in the Oval Office. In attendance were the President, Vice-President, the leaders of both parties, and the heads of national security organizations with the purpose of confirming collusion between Russian agents and members of Trump’s campaign staff. If the people had been informed of this fact, America’s biggest mistake would never have happened.

Republicans blocked the information, and President Obama capitulated. Now, Democrats are hiding information about the January 6 failed coup. Why?

Several GOP lawmakers have been subpoenaed by the January 6 select committee. However, members of the committee are hiding the circumstances involved. Are they once again protecting their constituents, or is this expected to lead to “bigger fish?” There was only a short statement issued and it was misleading and esoteric.

“We will take some action,” said Jan. 6 committee Chair Bennie Thompson. “I’m not sure exactly what it will be.”

This is extremely upsetting. There is no possible reason for forcing them to testify unless new information and evidence have come to their attention. A more troubling possibility is, “are they attempting to protect several of their own?” I no longer trust anyone in a position of power.

The atmosphere of secrecy surrounding this investigation is very upsetting. Keeping secrets from our nation’s people is unacceptable. We, the people, are the United States of America, those we elect must serve us, not the other way around.

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Conspiracy theories, learned from misleading stories on social media, abound. Q’Anon would not exist without its ability to spread the most outlandish stories imaginable. The truth about January 6 has been misrepresented by multiple baseless claims, although those of us who cringed as we watched an attempt to overthrow our government continued for more than three hours.

Right-wing politicians and Fox news attempt to make claims that the Neo-Nazis who led the insurrection were not Trump supporters.

Many of the men and women who violently attacked the Capitol proudly claimed that their purpose was to keep Trump in power by whatever means possible.

There were multiple allegations that the protests were not violent. Completely false, the television cameras did not lie, and inside the Capitol, fear was not an act. I saw everything and was ashamed to be an American citizen on the darkest day in America’s history.

Many traitors to our country claim that “Trump did not order the attack on our democratic voting system.” Once again, he not only ordered them to stop the count of the Electoral College vote, he promised to join them. Of course, he lied and walked back into the safety of the White House. All cowards are bullies. We now know that Trump organized, planned, and began the failed coup when he stood before his “people” and instructed them to begin the violence.

One of the insurrectionists died. Ashli Babbitt was shot in the shoulder by a Capitol policeman as the ex-Air Force veteran attempted to breach the office of the Speaker of the House. She died from complications. Right-wing extremists attempted to blame a Democrat for her demise. This was simply another outlandish lie by the fascists who were attempting to keep their Fuhrer in power.

Finally, and possibly the greatest lie of all, the traitors who took part in the failed coup are being portrayed by right-wing fascist supporters as “political prisoners,” and are being “mistreated.”

This was the largest act of domestic terrorism in our nation’s history, and every person involved, those who were outside and inside the capitol, and members of our government who were part of the planning and execution, must be tried for treason, and spend the rest of their lives in federal prison or executed. There is no greater crime against the United States of America.

No more secrets from either party. Secrets are lies that misdirect the truth, and I promise that “the truth lives here.” I will continue to fight for the people of our nation and for those in our government who deserve our respect and loyalty. Sadly, that number is very small.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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