NBA Series Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat

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In Game 1, The Miami Heat scored 118 points winning the game. The return of Marcus Smart will help, however, some of it was unsustainable. The team’s normal season offense scored 113 points per 100 possessions. The number rose a small amount during the first two rounds due to poor opponents. In Game 1 of the NBA series, they were at 121.6.

A statement was made by Miami after they won Game 1. It was expected to an extent. The team had five days to rest. Two games were played by the Celtics between The Heat’s series-clincher over Game 1 and Philly. The team did not have NBA players Al Horford and Smart.

The big plus of having Smart is Payton Pritchard. He is a defensive liability. Aaron Nesmith also makes Smart an advantage because he is low on the totem pole and he had played only seven postseason minutes prior to Tuesday and combined for 42 minutes during Game 1.

Not having Pritchard to search for longer periods, Jimmy Butler will likely not have much effect. With the point guard back, the Celtics’ offense should also have a smoother run. This should go in favor of the Heat more so than in Game 1 regardless of the Celtics bringing Smart back and the disadvantages being even.

NBA Player Jimmy Butler’s Points

Butler has followed his past two games of 27 points or more with games in the 40s. Those two games were against the NBA 76ers’ defense. Prior to those games, he had not scored more than 27 points in games consistently since November. Also, this trend was seen in the Orlando bubble. In games after 26 or more points, he had an average of 14.7 per game.

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Butler has a past of having big scores when it was a necessity for his team. However, he does not have a past of doing it in games back-to-back. He has more ability for big games in this NBA series. Fans should not expect them to be consecutive.

Former president of the NBA Celtics team, Danny Ainge, had a consultant who would identify picks for the draft and free brain types for agents who believed that specific personality traits for advanced players. Ainge and his consultant system are now gone, however, the team has many different personality types due to good fortune or meticulous scouting if not both.

Game 2 of the NBA Series Celtics vs Heat

On Thursday night, it was again proven once the team made a comeback scoring 127-102 in Game 2 against the Heat and tied the current NBA series at 1-1.

This victory was the fourth time this season that the team came back from a loss and was victorious with an average of 17.3 above the losing team, according to statistics and information from ESPN.

They are on track to be NBA’s fifth-highest margin of wins after a loss in one season of all time, alongside teams to play in at minimum three similar games. Also, the four different NBA teams above the Celtics have all won the title. This current season, the Miami Heat is in sixth place on that list.

Since January, when the NBA team discovered their momentum, the Celtics are now 10-1 coming off a defeat. The loss happened when the team let their starters rest.

This specific group looks to be predisposed to this type of resilience.

Written by Marrissa Kay


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