Religious Leaders, Black and White, Continue Policies of Hypocrisy and Shame

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Many of my stories are about the existence of pervasive racism in America. There is a plethora of evidence that white supremacy is a serious problem in America, and frequently results in domestic, white terrorism. I also write about the evils of organized religion. These stories are not limited to whites, Blacks, Asian Americans, or any specific race or color. They are based upon the hypocrisy of many religious leaders who live lives of luxury and privilege which often requires hiding the truth from their followers and all Americans.

On Sunday, an explosive 400-page report exposed sexual assault within one of our nation’s most respected religious organizations.

For 20 years, leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention — including a former president now accused of sexual assault — routinely silenced and disparaged sexual abuse survivors, ignored calls for policies to stop predators, and dismissed reforms that they privately said could protect children but might cost the SBC money if abuse victims later sued.

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Religions are like any other for-profit organization: profits are more important than people.

All religions were created by men. Leaders of Christians, Muslims, Jews, and every other organized religion become powerful and wealthy over time. Like leaders of nations and politicians in America, this power eventually results in corruption.

I not only support but have enormous respect for men and women who are devout members of any religion. However, I condemn those who bastardize religions for personal gain. Hypocrisy is an unforgivable sin.

I trust no one in power in America. Our government is the most corrupt in the world of developed nations. Law enforcement and our military have been infiltrated by a large percentage of racists and bigots. Our nation has become a plutocracy in which approximately five percent of the nation’s people control the three branches of our government. Religious leaders have more power than those I just mentioned because they control the minds of the majority: those who go to church on Sundays and trust those behind the pulpit. When they become politicized, all hope is lost.

I have criticized Christians for years because the Christian Religious Right controls every man and woman who sits on the right side of the aisle in our Capitol, in direct violation of the first amendment. Although I find it abhorrent that the Southern Baptist Convention has joined in the atrocities committed by leaders of predominately white churches, synagogues, and temples, it is consistent with the evils of all religious leaders. These men and a few women use their power over those who believe they need spiritual guidance for their efforts to find ultimate spirituality.

Like most stories involving crimes that affect everyday people’s lives, our government and the mainstream media will ignore the truth. Hiding the truth about America and its once respected organizations is detrimental to the economic success of everyone but the working class. Because many of our legislators, and justices on the Supreme Court are more concerned with the welfare of large corporations and the super-rich. The quality of life for the majority is of little or no concern.

I am aware that this article is dark and depressing, but I am not sorry. Until all Americans become aware of what is happening in Washington, our nation will continue to slide into its eventual demise. The truth is indestructible, and hiding the truth is the goal of professional politicians and our nation’s billionaires. They are desperate to maintain control over our nation and will take any action necessary to protect their power over our government.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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