There’s a Huge Difference News with an Experienced American President in the White House

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To hell with ratings. It’s time for the media to praise the successes President Biden brought to our country. In less than 18 months his accomplishments far outnumber those of the last two Republican presidents although he continues to fight against Moscow Mitch McConnell’s “party of no.” Imagine what he might have accomplished if our legislative branch functioned the way it was designed.

Personally, I am happy that my mornings are generally much more pleasant. When I turned on my computer between 2017 and 2021 to read the news each morning, I would become angry reading the hate-filled and vile stories about what Trump recently said or did to harm our nation.

America now has a president who is doing something for the people, instead of attacking his critics and defending his failures. Read these two headlines from this morning’s front page of Google:

  • “Biden launches Indo-Pacific trade deal, warns over inflation”
  • “Biden says the U.S. would be willing to intervene military to defend Taiwan”
Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

These titles make you want to read the articles instead of deleting them. Mr. Biden is working for his country. He is not on a golf course every other day or holding hate rallies in states where his people soothe his fragile ego. It’s great to have an American president living in our White House.

“The truth lives here,” and I promise you that I would never want to be the President of the United States. Regardless of how good your ideas are, no matter how your agenda would improve the lives of the people in our country, you face the politically driven members of the House and Senate. Somehow, to accomplish your goals, you must receive the approval of a minimum of 218 members of the House and 51 Senators. Before that happens, you must sell it to the American people. My migraines would return on a daily basis.

It is easy to understand why Trump failed, and why not a single positive accomplishment can be credited to his administration. Success in anything requires work, and that is not a word in Trump’s vocabulary. The closest he has ever come to “working” is on a putting green. I read that for Trump to win a golf game, cheating is required. I quit playing golf at the age of 19. I realized that I had better things to do over five hours than chase a little white ball around a grassy field with a stick.

Whether you consider yourself a Democrat or a Republican, we should all get behind President Biden. His ideas would improve the quality of life for all 331 million Americans. Unlike his predecessor, he is America’s president. The problems facing America in January of 2017 remain problems today. As long as those who call themselves “Republicans” continue to obstruct our President’s agenda, the lives of the majority of our nation’s people will continue to decline.

I admit that I was unsure about President Biden, although I had no reservations about what an enormous improvement he would be, his work ethic exceeds my expectations. With a little cooperation from Congress, America could be on its way to becoming a great country.

Never again can we, the people, allow a man or woman to seek the overthrow of our government to become our president. This was the greatest disaster in our country’s 246 years.

Op-ed by James Turnage


NPR: Biden says the U.S. would be willing to intervene militarily to defend Taiwan
AP News: Biden launches Indo-Pacific trade deal, warns over inflation

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Richard Ricciardi’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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