Should You Be Frightened That in America, 545 People Have Complete Control Over your Life, and the Lives of Those You Love?

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The leak of a position paper written by Justice Samuel Alito, containing the intention of five Supreme Court Justices to overturn a 49-year-old decision of a previous Court, is less about Roe v Wade than the future of America. If the 1973 decision is overturned, it will be a wake-up call for 331 million people. A handful of bigoted men and women have the power to control the lives of all Americans, ignoring the needs and wishes of the majority.

Our Founding Fathers were not infallible: they made mistakes.

Their first mistake was trusting human nature. Their creation of a “check and balance system” depended upon individuals who would place the new nation’s people ahead of their personal ambitions.

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They failed to foresee their failure to limit the length of time our president, legislators, and members of the Supreme Court would be allowed to serve. As we now know, this led to many in Washington becoming “professional politicians,” and the result is massive corruption and a complete failure of our government. Nothing of importance has been accomplished for the last 13 years after Moscow Mitch McConnell created the “party of no.” Recent bills denied by the Senate include the John Lewis voting rights bill, and just two days ago, a bill that would have protected the rights of women to decide the fate of their own reproductive system.

Admittedly the most dangerous branch of our government is the Supreme Court. Unlike the executive and legislative branches, there is no one to which the American people can turn to overturn a destructive and unpopular decision. Nine men and women are America’s monarchy.

In America, 545 men and women rule over 331 million people. That is a frightening situation. The Senate is currently divided between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. However, most important legislation requires a vote of 60 to pass. This is because Moscow Mitch created another rule called the “filibuster.” The majority is no longer served in the once most-respected deliberative body in the world.

The executive branch is powerless unless it controls both the House and Senate. President Biden began his presidency with a solid plan which would have served the majority called “build back better.” However, Republican obstructionists and two fake Democrats, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voided nearly every effort by our American president to care for the men and women who elected him.

The creation of professional politicians, whose terms of office are unlimited, made reelections more important than the future of the American people. However, this is nothing compared to the power of the Supreme Court.

The nine justices of the Court are not elected by the people, they are appointed for life. The American people lack the ability to have any input into their decisions; small majority rules. How dangerous is this? Although 66 percent of all Americans believe that Roe v Wade should stand, four men and one woman are expected to overturn another right of women. That converts to 218,460,000 to five.

“The truth lives here,” and I can guarantee you that our entire government needs a complete overhaul. America is now an oligarchy, and soon to become a nation ruled by fascism unless we remove all of the 545 men and women in Washington who oppose the will of the people. This is our country, not theirs.

If the voter turnout in 2022 and 2024 exceeds the record numbers reached in 2020, real Americans can take their country back. This is the only way sensible and necessary legislation will be passed and save the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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