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The Awakening of America All Too Often Evolves From Great Tragedy

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Ten days ago, the racially motivated mass murder of 10 Americans in a Buffalo supermarket shocked the American people. Three days ago, the slaughter of 19 young children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, terrified every parent in America. These atrocities could have happened to anyone. All Americans shared emotions of anger, disgust, fear, and extreme sadness.

This story is not only about these senseless and preventable tragedies. This is about the underlying greatness of the American spirit. Our government may ignore the people, but that will not stop us from standing up for our nation’s ideals and principles.

It is not surprising that the United States of America is frequently divided. We are intentionally a nation of diversity, and therefore our analysis of multiple issues receives opinions which are based on ideals related to multiple cultures, which occasionally clash with one another founded on tradition and ethnic heritage. However, when Americans face a common enemy, we unite under the sacred guarantees of equality and human rights promised by the Constitution: the foundation of the United States of America. We become a nation of “one people.”

These facts offer hope to all Americans, including yours truly.

Our greatest challenge, as citizens of the United States, comes from our own government. On many issues of great importance to all Americans, the majority are in agreement, but our elected officials ignore our needs and wishes. They forget that they are public servants.

Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and every other race, creed, and color, share a commonality when social issues are involved. We believe in the promise, the dreams of our founding fathers. We are all equal in every aspect of human life, and share the same basic desires for our lives and the well-being of our loved ones.

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When our government refuses to listen to our needs and wishes, we have a right and responsibility to complain and demand change. When the majority agrees about what changes are mandatory, our elected officials are required to listen and take action. Every member of our government, in all three branches, are public servants and obligated to enact changes demanded by the majority. When we are ignored, they have failed their basic responsibility, their only purpose.

Most Americans believe that our gun laws have failed to protect the American people. We share the belief that access to the best healthcare for all Americans is a right. Most agree that racism and bigotry are founded on ignorance. To sum up everything about America demands that all of our nation’s people share in the American dream, and not restricted exclusively to the super-rich.

I am predominantly a political writer. My goal is to expose corruption in Washington and the crimes committed by those we elect. However, at the core of every article I write is equality and the guarantee of human rights for everyone. This is the way I viewed my country from the first day of elementary school until today.

What I believed when I was much younger was not based on reality. What the people needed and wanted were and continue to be ignored by most of our elected men and women in Washington. The majority of our most important issues are of little or no importance to the men and women who promise to serve us until they win their elections.

The reality of America is that in times of peace and prosperity, we are seldom the “United States.” However, when we face tragedy, or attacks from outside sources, we have been unified and stronger than any other nation in the world. The division which exists today was intentional. By dividing us, politicians win elections. My goal, and hopefully the goal of every patriotic American, is to make us whole again. “The truth lives here,” and I admit that healing our country is a lofty goal, which cannot happen quickly. However, the truth will survive and save our people. Whether our government survives is up to them.

Major League Baseball is underway. The young men playing for the New York Yankees, and the Tampa Bay Rays were in Florida on Thursday. It is expected that during the day, social media will be flooded with comments from players and fans about the teams and individual players. Instead, the conversation was dominated by the gun violence in Uvalde, Texas.

Tragedy unites us. It is sad that nothing is accomplished of great importance until an event which causes great sadness and eventually anger results in outrage and demands action. This is America, and this is the way it has been and will be.

It is true that “without sadness we cannot understand joy.” However, the great sorrow resulting from the murders of children must not happen again. We learn nothing from these tragedies with the exception that evil is real, and those who would commit these atrocities live among us.

The solution to ending most of the gun violence in America is simple if our government would do the right thing. There are more guns in our country than people. Just 10 percent of our nation’s people own 90 percent of those guns. There are no other legitimate reasons. The American people are united in their demand that most guns are removed from regular citizens. The second amendment does not apply to America in the 21st century. The safety of all Americans must come before anything else, including corporate profits.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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