The United States Is a Very Racist Country

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Denying the facts won’t make them go away: The United States is a very racist country. For about four decades the men and women who call themselves “Republicans” denied the fact that their party is composed of racists and bigots. They lied, attacked those who dared tell the truth, and occasionally allowed a token Black man or woman into their midst. Along came Donald Trump in 2015.

His first rallies proved beyond a doubt that he is and always was a racist and believed in white supremacy. Over the next 17 months, millions of like-minded Americans joined his cult. As Trump’s popularity grew among Neo-Nazis and those who support them, domestic terrorism rose to the level of the greatest danger to the American people.

Anger, hatred, and acts of violence have replaced compassion, understanding, and kindness for nearly 40 percent of those who claim to be Americans. And the Trump Party condones their actions.

Courtesy of Geoff Livingston (Flickr CC0)

The tragic event in a Buffalo supermarket this weekend is a perfect example of what those who were members of the former Grand Old Party believe in today. Although Trump is incapable of focus and intelligent thought, throughout his campaign he preached the evils of immigration, not because he is a xenophobe, but because he is the leader of white supremacy in America, and like millions of other whites fear the unstoppable fact that the United States of America is becoming more diverse with every passing year. A more lenient immigration policy will hasten that fact.

Trump and his supporters hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and any other group which brings its unique talents and perspectives to our nation. This hatred is based on fear. Many whites realized that they are inferior to a growing number of non-whites. As this happens, white privilege will become extinct. Many of the best tech jobs in America belong to immigrants or those from foreign nations who secured work visas based on their special abilities. The nation’s educational system fails to recognize the fact that this is the 21st century.

Even law enforcement is admitting that the murder of 10 men and women in Buffalo, inside a predominately Black supermarket, was a hate crime. Since 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports a 900 percent increase in hate crimes in America. The focus has been on those who have been traditionally labeled as minorities. This is the intent of white supremacist groups. As their numbers decline, and the American dream becomes a reality, pure whites will become the only remaining minority. The United States will be a country of diversity, composed of many races, mixed colors, the fulfillment of the first amendment, multiple religions or none at all, and freedom of choice will become a reality.

“The truth lives here,” and this columnist can say with 100 percent sincerity that those who call themselves Republicans are the greatest danger to America’s future. Their refusal to do anything which would positively affect all 331 million Americans is destroying the dream of our founding fathers. As long as profits for large corporations are of greater importance than the quality of life for the people, the United States of America is doomed to become nothing but a memory.

Many people have lost faith in America’s election system after the 2016 election was “rigged” by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. But look at what happened in a record turnout in 2020.

Your vote is more important than ever. Do whatever it takes to vote on November 8, 2022, regardless of the right-wing’s effort to suppress your vote. This is your country, not theirs.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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