Apple Tests the New iPhones With USB-C

Courtesy of Esther Vargas (Flickr CC0)

Apple tested the new iPhone charging port to replace the lightning port with USB-C. However, it is unlikely to see this feature in 2022’s iPhone lineup.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the adapter may allow future iPhones to work with the USB-C. The Lightning-to-USB-C adapter will work for flash drives and credit card scanners plugged into existing iPhones. Bloomberg has reached out to Apple for confirmation and is waiting for a response. This change will occur at its earliest in the second half of 2023

Courtesy of HS You (Flickr.CC0)

The switch was not a surprise and was the subject of many jokes, but it would be immense. The company’s motivations for this change may not be entirely altruistic. iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro are already using USB-C. And the EU revealed a recommendation in September requiring smartphones and other devices to incorporate USB-C ports. For years, the EU has been pushing for a universal phone charging standard and publicized a proposal in September requiring the majority of smartphones and devices to use USB-C.

The widely available standard port is bigger than the lightning one. This change could make it easier for those who already use USB-C to charge their devices, which could also mean less e-waste.

Since the lightning port was introduced with iPhone 5 in 2012, there have been rumors that Apple is developing a portless iPhone, but it will not be available anytime soon.

Written by Janet Grace  Ortigas
Edited by Sheena Robertson

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