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Will Women Become Third-Class Citizens Courtesy of a Biased Supreme Court?

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This columnist’s biggest fear is not the repeal of Roe v Wade, it is what will happen to women’s rights next. This would be only the beginning to make every woman “Mrs. Cleaver.” The ultimate goal of the old, white, sexist, and racist men of today’s Republican Party in name only is returning our nation to its dark past of the mid-twentieth century.

Women have been fighting for equality for two centuries. White men are afraid that they are close to succeeding. Women dominate the population 51-49 percent. They control the majority of our nation’s wealth. More women are enrolled in our colleges and universities than men. Women are registered to vote in larger numbers than men, and more women filed intentions to run for office than their male counterparts. It is only a matter of time until women become the CEOs of most major corporations. White men are attempting to misdirect their efforts to secure their Constitutional rights by making them fight battles beyond equal rights. Controlling their physical and mental health is a major distraction. Their enemies will soon learn that women are smarter than most men.

The latest polls reveal that 66 percent of all Americans believe Roe v Wade should stand. However, four men and one female religious extremist will decide its fate. Roughly 79 percent favor a woman’s right to an abortion in cases of rape and incest. Some right-wing political extremists are raising their middle fingers at women and believe abortion should never be legal: no exceptions.

Take Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts during his interview with Dana Bash on CNN:

 Dana Bash: “Do you think that the state of Nebraska should require a young girl who was raped to carry that pregnancy to term?”

Gov. Pete Ricketts: “Those are babies, too.”

Bash: “Including in the case of rape or incest?”

Ricketts: “Yes, they’re still babies.”

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The Christian Religious Right and the once Grand Old Party believe that a fetus has more importance in America than any woman. When people hear some idiot politician make the claim that “America is the greatest country in the world,” remember this and then think about how 74 million men and women voted for the leader of the white supremacy movement in America in 2020. The most recent survey ranking nations by the quality of life for their people placed the United States in 14th place. Pitiful.

So, here are the rankings that demonstrate the importance of Americans from the right side of the aisle:

  • white men,
  • non-white men,
  • any fetus,
  • white women,
  • and finally non-white women.

Finally, look at the situation faced by Angela Housely, a resident of Boise, Idaho. Halfway through her pregnancy, at 20 weeks, she received some horrific news. Her unborn child was developing without parts of its brain and skull and would die within hours of birth. “The technician got a really horrible look on her face,” Housley said. “And we got the really sad news that our baby was anencephalic.”

This was in 1992 and abortion was legal in Idaho. She was still forced to face vicious verbal attacks from anti-abortion foes after she had the procedure performed at a hospital. If this situation would happen just weeks from today, she would have been forced to carry her baby to term and suffer additional mental and physical distress.

Choosing to have an abortion is one of the most devastatingly difficult decisions any woman can face in her life. And that’s what it should be, her choice and not that of a politician or a religious leader. This is a human rights issue and the ugly world of politics should not be involved. If they overturn Roe v Wade, our nation will have irrefutable truth that the SCOTUS has failed its mission and is protecting the minority, not the majority.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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