Apple M2 Chipset Provides Twice the Performance to Intel Core i7

Courtesy of Sudip Ghosh (Flickr CC0)

Apple revealed its first custom-designed ARM-based M2 chipset, the successor to the M1, in November 2020.

It is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Book2 360, Intel Core i7-1255U, but the M2 CPU delivers about twice the performance at the same power level and supplies the extreme version of the Intel chip while using less power. In the MSI Prestige 14, the M2 delivers almost 90% performance using less than a quarter of the power if compared to the 12-core Intel Core i7-1260P.

The GPU cores appear identical but more efficient than the M1’s since the M2 with 10 cores provides 25% better execution than the M1’s 8-core GPU. With added power, that performance increases to 35%. Apple states this GPU is 2.3 times faster at the same power level as Samsung Galaxy Book2 360.

The company boasts that M2 is at the heart and soul of the new 13″ MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The new M2 chip is assembled on a second-generation 5nm function. Compared to the M1, its 8-core CPU gives an 18% better rendition because the performance cores are paired with a faster and larger cache for even more significant performance gains.

Courtesy of HS You (Flickr CC0)

To kick off Apple’s annual developer conference (Worldwide Developers Conference), the company’s CEO Tim Cook will present the new versions of Apple’s software for Mac, iPhones, watches, iPads, and TV. However, the added that the virtual reality headset it unlikely to debut this week.

The Apple platform software uses a different programming framework to excite programmers about these technologies.

After two years of being entirely virtual, WWDC will include an in-person component during the new product’s keynote presentation.

This year, Apple invited members of the press, developers, and students to watch the video presentation and get tours of the campus. Apple employees were set to return to the office this spring after working from home for nearly two years during the COVID pandemic.

New software coming

In 2019, Apple disclosed hardware creations at WWDC when it unleashed a $5,000 monitor and the $6,000 Mac Pro.

At WWDC, the most important updates for Apple’s other software platforms included TV, Watch, and iPad OS 16 with the ability to resize windows for users who like multitasking.

Swift will get a lot of attention at WWDC.

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas
Edited by Marrissa Kay


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