Can America Be Fixed?

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I’m not sure if the greatest of optimists can answer the question, “Can America be fixed?” The United States is in heavy debt. Only one of our two major political parties functions, but not very well. There are 545 men and women in control of the futures of more than 331 million, and they are doing a terrible job. Corruption is the norm in Washington. The division between patriotic Americans and Trump’s fascist cult is wide and likely beyond repair.

America has moved beyond capitalism and is now an oligarchy. The demands of the super-rich take precedence over the needs of the many. Corporations are greedier than ever before and have created a “fake inflation,” for no reason other than to increase their already bloated profits. The vast majority of all Americans do not trust those in power or the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations. Our 45th president allowed tens of thousands to die rather than admit he had no idea how to lead the fight against a life-threatening pandemic.

I am positive that our current system of governance is unwilling to repair our country. I believe that even if they cared, they are incompetent. One entire party is incapable of governing and has never learned how to perform the jobs for which they were elected.

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I am usually not this pessimistic, but my interest in politics over the last 65 years has been my teacher. The government of the United States has deteriorated constantly for more than two generations. The needs and wishes of the people continue to be pushed further and further away from the front of our government’s “to-do list.”

For myself and many others, January 6, 2021, erased any faith I had in my government. Millions of Americans watched as a sitting president ordered a crowd, led by Neo-Nazis, to put an end to one of our nation’s most valued democratic processes by force. Almost immediately information leaked confirming that that same obese, old man organized, planned, and executed a failed coup. He remains free to further divide our nation with lies and conspiracy theories. Only in America. All hope for change is lost.

Trump continues “the big lie,” and support for his baseless conspiracy theory continues. How ignorant are the American people?

It appears that Trump and his cronies are setting one man up as the “scapegoat” for the entire insurrection. It is true that attorney John Eastman gave Trump some very questionable advice after the 2020 election. It is also a fact that Eastman and the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, Ginni, colluded in an attempt to discover a way to overthrow the election, but it was totally Trump’s decision to attempt a coup.

For those who’ve spoken to Trump about Eastman in recent months, the ex-president has repeated an excuse he often uses when backed into a corner, as investigators confront him with an associate’s misdeeds: He has privately insisted he “hardly” or “barely” knows Eastman, despite the fact that he counseled Trump on taking a string of extra-legal measures in a bid to stay in power and wrote the so-called “coup memo,” which laid out the facsimile of a legal argument for reversing Trump’s election defeat.

Another effort by Trump to remove the fact that he is undoubtedly guilty happened just yesterday. Although Democrats attempted to have more Republicans on the House select committee investigating January 6, all refused with the exception of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. The malignant narcissist is calling the investigation a “one-sided witch hunt.” Another attempt to deflect the truth that he is our nation’s biggest traitor.

Let’s place the blame on the inevitable destruction of our nation where it belongs. Trump is not a leader, he simply tells everyone what they want to hear. It is his party and his supporters which have allowed our country to arrive at this precarious position. At least 40 percent of our nation’s people support the end of democracy. Every Trump supporter shares Trump’s support for white supremacy and the burning of the Constitution.

I don’t know what to say, and I see no path to a solution. Our leaders not only refuse to talk to each other, but they also dislike each other intensely. The views of each party about the future of America are diametrically opposed to those of their constituents across the aisle.

Our democratic republic has not functioned effectively for years, and I believe it is unsustainable. Great change is needed and there is no time to wait for our government to work out the problems. One entire party refuses to admit there is an enormous failure inside the Capitol Building.

America needs a great leader who appeals to all 331 Americans. But I don’t know who or where she is.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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