Parents of Four-Month-Old Murdered on Father’s Day in Connecticut

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One of my next novels might be titled “Violent America Where No One is Safe.” It seems like everyone has a weapon of mass destruction and will use it first rather than seek a solution to a problem. On Father’s Day, new parents Christina Dang, 27, and Chase Garrett, 39, were shot and killed in their own driveway in Hartford, Connecticut. They were celebrating Garrett’s first Father’s Day. They had a baby just four months ago. Another unidentified female victim is in critical condition.

Law enforcement revealed the reason for the murders involved an undisclosed dispute over a dog. A suspect is in custody.

The couple had moved to Connecticut to be closer to Garrett’s parents after the birth of their child. He posted the following on Facebook.

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“Never thought I would be a Father … but I’ll try and be the best dad I can be … taught me and teaching me so much! My lil Angel … literally,” Garrett wrote alongside a video of his son.

Family, friends, and even the officers dispatched to the scene were distraught. For many of us who write about these tragedies, it has just become another day in gun-crazy America.

“I can’t say it enough, we have to find better ways to resolve our conflicts in non-violent ways. It is frustrating for the officers because these are difficult to predict and difficult to prevent,” Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody said.

There’s lots of talk from the authorities and politicians in Washington, but over the last decade, they proved time and time again that they are not serious about doing anything. They continue to hide behind the outdated second amendment which has no relationship to what is happening in America today.

In America, it has become normal for everyday citizens to shoot first and discuss the situation later.

On Sunday, two needless murders, possibly a third, and the future of a baby changed the lives of dozens of those related to the victims or simply considered themselves people who cared deeply for all four victims in another senseless act of violence.

I hate these stories and would love to never write one like it again. However, I could write at least a dozen each week. In 21st century America, there are more shootings in America than the national news can report. Mass shootings, defined as four or more individuals shot or killed in a single incident, are more numerous than days on the calendar.

In America, anyone can buy any weapon they desire. Many venues require no background checks and any weapon is available if you have the money. Assault rifles are available in most states with only one requirement. You must be able to prove you are at least 18 years of age.

Although the NRA and fake Republican politicians make very weak attempts to justify the “right” of ordinary men and women to purchase military-style weapons that were designed for one purpose: to kill a large number of human beings in a short period of time.

I once read an explanation for an increase in gun violence in America several decades ago. A psychiatrist claimed that guns make killing another human being ‘impersonal.’ He claimed that if the personal contact was necessary, it was highly unlikely that most humans would be able to kill someone after an angry dispute. However, using a gun to shoot your neighbor across a fence eliminates most of the consideration that one person is taking the life of another.

Regardless of why it’s time to end the rise of domestic terrorism in America. “Guns kill people because people buy guns.”

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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