Chris Jacobs Drops Re-Election Bid

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After fatal shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, congressman Chris Jacobs, who is currently serving his first term in full, surprised other Republicans by accepting a federal ban on assault weapons as well as limiting large firearm magazines.

Jacobs labeled his Republican orthodoxy as “bigger than politics.” He explained that he could not in good conscience sit by and state that he did not attempt to do something.

It took a week for political forces to come back to him.

On Friday, Jacobs made the announcement that he will be abandoning his campaign for re-election. He was facing repercussions from party leaders and possibly the chairman of the state party.

Jacobs’ Explanation and Backlash

He explained that there is a problem in the United States in regards to both the big parties. He also added that if you drift from a position of a party, there are harsh repercussions. Also, Jacobs stated that for Republicans, it became very clear to him in the last week that the problem is gun control of any kind.

Courtesy of Kenny Mitchell (Flickr CC0)

Citing the numerous gun permits he had supplied as the clerk of Erie County, Jacobs made it clear that he supports the Second Amendment. He also stated that he wanted to stay away from the harsh intraparty dispute that would have been unavoidable if he remained in the running.

However, Jacobs warned Republicans that the position they hold on firearms would harm the party long term. He also recommended more older lawmakers come forward.

Evolution of the Situation

“Look, if you’re not going to take a stand on something like this, I don’t know what you’re going to take a stand on,” Mr. Jacobs said while talking about the hurt that was caused by Buffalo, Uvalde, and other shooting locations. 

This event played out while President Joe Biden was pleading with Washington lawmakers to pass new laws in regard to gun violence. The episode might be an indication for advocating gun control. Jacobs evolved on this situation as an indicator that the country’s most recent tragedies could break an old setback in Washington.

Also, it gives a clear summary of how little digression Republican Parties and activists have the will to deal with from lawmakers regardless of support for firearm safety measures by U.S. citizens, according to The New York Times.

Written by Marrissa Kay


The New York Times: N.Y. Republican Drops Re-Election Bid After Bucking His Party on Guns; by Nicholas Fandos and Jesse McKinley

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