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Time for Tighten Gun Related Policies

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For several years people across the United States, including several legislators, have cried out for tougher gun control policies. President Joe Biden joined the outcries on Thursday evening when he implored 10 Republican senators to join the Democrats on any new gun-related legislation.

In his speech, the president compared the death of American children to U.S. casualties in war. Prior to Biden’s plea, Democrats on a House committee passed a slew of proposals that many Americans might support. However, they do not stand a chance of passing through a Grand Old Party (GOP) blockade in the Senate.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) immediately rejected the president’s gun proposals, but there are a few Republican senators still negotiating with Democrats. Biden established that he is willing to accept far less than what he prefers — a ban on assault weapons — in exchange for real federal action.

Biden suggested that lawmakers should tighten gun-related policies by:

  • Banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
  • Raise the purchase age to 21 years old.
  • Strengthen background checks.
  • Enacting safe storage and red flag laws.
  • repealing the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability.
  • Address the nation’s mental health crisis.
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He asked Americans to vote in November legislators into office if Congress fails to achieve safer laws for the nation.

Prior to a man killing at least four people at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 1, there had already been 232 mass shootings in America this year.

On May 14, 18-year-old Payton Gendron drove to Buffalo, New York, and opened fire on unsuspecting patrons of a supermarket. He is accused of killing 10 Black New Yorkers and injuring several others in a racist attack.

Gendron pled not guilty at his hearing on May 20. The grand jury voted to indict the teenage gunman. His arraignment on the 25-count indictment was on June 2.

Last week, Uvalde High School student Salvador Ramos walked into the local elementary school where he began firing upon young students and teachers. The gunman killed 19 third and fourth-grade children and two teachers. Priorhand he allegedly killed his grandmother and posted his crime on his social media page.

Only six months into the year and there have been 27 school shootings.

Last year the U.S. ended with 693 mass shootings. The year before that there were 611 with 2019 ending with 417.

The American people deserve to feel safe leaving their homes. Children deserve to feel safe while being educated. The senseless killings that seem to be increasing throughout the years need to stop.

It is one thing for people to be able to purchase a gun for hunting and protection. It’s a whole different story allowing them to purchase assault weapons without extensive background checks.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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Inset Image Courtesy of Maryland GovPics’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Top and Featured Image by Legoktm Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License

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