I Have a Guaranteed Solution That Will Entice Republicans to Support Laws Protecting Abortion Rights

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As expected after the biased and political decision by our dysfunctional Supreme Court last Friday, much of the discussion on television, and legitimate news outlets is about the repeal of Roe v Wade. I heard many good ideas, and some which are simply unreasonable. These are always serious discussions about the attack on a woman’s right to care for her own reproductive health, and therefore her entire physical and mental future. However, they never mention the role of men in their discussions.

Men lie. I’m a man and I know this is true. If a man lies to a woman with the intention of engaging in consensual sex, claiming that he had a vasectomy or is unable to reproduce, and an unwanted pregnancy occurs, he is basically free and clear if he chooses to be. Only a costly and lengthy court case can sometimes make him pay for his lie.

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Therefore, I suggest one act that would change the attitudes of every man in America, including the horny, old, white men who claim to be Republicans, and their co-conspirators, Evangelical ministers who preach abstinence until marriage, but chase anything in skirts or leggings hoping the women will take pity on them and say ‘yes.’

If every woman in America would demand documented proof that the men they choose to become intimate with had received a vasectomy or that they are indeed unable to reproduce before engaging in sexual relations, the change would happen immediately. I would include married and committed women in the discussion. If a woman does not want to experience a pregnancy, place the same restrictions on her partners.

The truth is impossible to deny, in some form or other men are 100 percent responsible for all unwanted pregnancies. Whether the cause is rape, incest, or consensual sex, all pregnancies are the result of a man ejaculating inside of a woman’s vagina. Pregnancy can easily be prevented if men took responsibility for their own lustful needs.

This decision by a “stacked right-wing Court” is about much more than abortion rights. It is about women’s rights and their place in our society. Nearly one-half of our nation’s people are supporters of white supremacy, and more than 50 percent of our country’s men support the subjugation of women and deny them equal rights under the Law of the Land. These statistics prove that poor black women are more susceptible to the harm caused by the elimination of legal abortions than most white women.

This abominable decision is about other issues likely to be decided by the Court in the near future. In danger are other previous decisions by legitimate justices, including same-sex marriage, and decades-old decisions including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in 1919, and the protection of mixed marriages. This bigoted Court has already taken the side of Christian schools, violated the first amendment by allowing mandatory prayer in our schools, and allowed anyone to carry a concealed, loaded weapon without a permit. What’s next?

Six people — five men and one woman — have taken control of the future of 331 million. This is criminal and opposes every principle of democracy.

The protests against this Court will continue for years to come, and they deserve every criticism and condemnation from real Americans who support the living document we call the Constitution of the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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