Michael Avenatti Gets 4 Year Prison Sentence

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Michael Avenatti, a now disgraced attorney has been sentence to four years incarceration for stealing almost $300,000 from a former client. The client was Stormy Daniels, an actress in adult films.

Jesse Furman, the district judge, stated that the conduct by Avenatti was egregious and brazen. Judge Furman also said that Avenatti took advantage of a victim during her vulnerability given her career and beliefs. Furman described her beliefs and career as “somewhat unorthodox.”

In February, Avenatti was convicted of one count of wire fraud and a count of aggravated identity theft. He was facing a mandatory sentence of two years for the identity theft, as well as a maximum 20 year sentence on the charge of wire fraud

Courtesy of Victoria Pickering (Flickr CC0)

He is serving a one year and six month sentence in prison currently for trying to extort more than $20 million from Nike. He was making the threat to go public with harmful information unless Nike paid him money to stay quiet. Avenatti’s next trial is next month on charges that he allegedly embezzled $10 million in funds for settlements from a minimum of five clients. The court case will be in California. He is also being charged with bankruptcy fraud as well as tax fraud. He has plead not guilty to those charges.

Sentence Periods By Case

A portion of the sentence he received on Thursday will be served along with the sentence on the Nike case. However, Furman stated that Avenatti will need to serve an added two years and six months after the Nike sentence is completed.

It was also ordered that Avenatti pay $297,900 to the United States and $148,750 to Daniels. The judge stated to Avenatti that he hopes he puts his talent to better use.

The legal trouble is a big turn for Avenatti. He became famous while representing Daniels while she went public with allegation that she received a payment of $130,000 prior to the presidential election in 2016. This payment was allegedly suppose to silence her about a supposed affair with Donald Trump. He has denied the alleged affair.

On top of the fame over the silence money situation, Avenatti aided Daniels land a $800,000 book offer. The prosecution announced that Avenatti stole almost $300,000 of the money by making up a letter from Daniels moving payments from the publisher of the book to a bank account under the control of Avenatti.

Written by Marrissa Kay


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