No Longer Is the Supreme Court America’s Last Hope for Saving the US

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My interest in politics and the future of our nation began nearly 66 years ago. I was first eligible to vote in 1967 and the first time I used my Constitutional right was in the 1968 general election. I always knew I would be a lifetime Independent, so it should not surprise you that I made some good and some bad decisions. It angers me that my biggest mistake was in 1980 when I believed that Republican Ronald Reagan would be a great president. He fooled me as he did millions of others. Immediately after his inauguration, he declared war on the working class and women. He was one of the biggest liars in American history.

Throughout my nearly 76 years as a devoted and loyal American, I often found legitimate reasons to criticize and despise the federal government. I have witnessed the administrations of 13 presidents. I continue to respect only six, and after reading about each of our 46 leaders I realize that only a few deserve our thanks and our respect.

Courtesy of Thomas Hawk (Flickr CC0)

Through all of this, I held onto a single hope, the hope that one of our three branches of government would remain our nation’s one reason for optimism for a future filled with integrity and the guarantee that our Constitutional rights would be protected. On October 27, 2020, the last bastion of democracy surrendered to the fascist ideals of right-wing extremists. Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as the replacement for the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This gave Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell complete control over all Supreme Court decisions for decades into America’s future.

The Chief Justice of the Court is John Roberts. He is a conservative but occasionally votes with the more liberal justices. However, two of the oldest members and the three hastily appointed by Trump and confirmed by Moscow Mitch are right-wing extremists and regressive. They are Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

These four men and one woman, who is a religious extremist, continue to make decisions based on politics, not the welfare of the American people or the intent of the Constitution.

Democratic watchdogs are spreading the word that Kavanaugh should be impeached. His confirmation was the second most controversial in modern history, very similar to Clarence Thomas in 1991.

The qualifications of both men were questionable but most significant is the fact that both faced charges of sexual misconduct. In both situations their accusers were put on trial, and the men were confirmed under a veil of controversy.

As of this day, all three branches of our government have been corrupted and ignore the future of 331 million people. They rule over us and refuse to serve the majority, giving preference to special interests.

America is a plutocracy. Decisions are no longer made by the women and men we elect, they simply obey the demands of the super-rich. You and I are left with a single weapon and our only ally, our vote.

If term limits do not become a reality, we must remove those who have outgrown their usefulness. Vote incumbents out of the office and put in their place younger, more progressive women and men who will move our nation forward.

Eventually, term limits for congress and the Supreme Court will put an end to the corruption of power which exists today. Until that becomes a reality, and the Electoral College is eliminated in our presidential elections, we must fight corruption by unifying our nation’s people. It is us vs them. Our government has become the enemy of the people of the United States of America.

Finally, I beg all of you to follow independent publications and blogs that support “truth to power.” Both the Chicago Leader and the Guardian Liberty Voice offer their readers the stories behind the headlines in the mainstream media: the facts. I am proud to write for them and will never offer information not substantiated by the truth.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson

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