Uvalde’s Fight or Flight Situation

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Uvalde, Texas is the place where the focus of a recent school shooting took place. The summer of 2022 has had a lot of potentials as the school year is winding down, proms, graduations and etc. With the time, being students just now being able to be able to have their first real summer since 2021 was really a re-build.

Students woke up with the thought of the summer’s blossoming of new fun and being able to express themselves. However, not every student who walked through those doors that very morning dreamed of what they wanted to do for the summer with their friends and families. On May 24, 2022, an 18-year-old high school student walked into Uvalde elementary school and changed lives forever.

The 18-year-old is believed to have barricaded himself into a classroom with the children and proceeded to shoot and kill multiple students.  There was a total of 21 people dead on the scene — 19 students and two teachers. The authorities arrived at the scene and waited over an hour before even attempting to come into the school building where there we children and staff unarmed.

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Authorities believed their decision was a good call. They believed there were other ways to defuse the situation on hand. Students, parents, teachers, and staff felt like the call was wrong.

Pete Arredondo, the commander on site decided on this call before they were able to breach the room where everything took place. Arredondo has been in Uvalde native for years. He was supposed to join the city council recently, but there is a delay in him actually joining due to the shooting that took place just a week ago.

Arredondo went to high school there in Uvalde. He has been the police chief within the school district since 2020. He has almost a 30-year career field in law enforcement.

People are not taking the situation lightly knowing that he was the one that was supposed to be ready for incidents like these if they were to happen.

“Signing up to respond to those kinds of situations. Don’t be a police officer go flip burgers if your are scared,” stated Juan Torres, a U.S war veteran who went to school with Arredondo back in the day.

Uvalde’s community is trying to correct things but the support of others right now in their time of need is crucial.

The people of Uvalde believe that something else may have also transpired involving Arredondo. At the city council meeting, there was a lot that Arredondo spoke about regarding the future, ideas, plans, and protocols. The city of Uvalde has been on edge following up with this news of the late response from Arrendondo and his team and there looks to be a call to action regarding the shooting.

How can Uvalde have something worth fighting for if law enforcement can’t make the right calls in order to be able to keep the population safe? Uvalde is going through a traumatic experience of this shooting happening in its elementary. This has to be addressed in the proper way to find out what the state of Texas and the town of Uvalde actually do to protect its people.

Opinion News by Semetrius Holmes
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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