You Hear It a Lot, but What Is a “RINO?”

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I have no idea who coined the term, or exactly when it was first used, but the term “Republican in Name Only” (RINO) is over-used and misrepresented today. The first time I remember hearing “RINO” used was more than 20 years ago when one Republican voting against a measure favored by his constituents was berated by his own party.

The truth is that there are only a small handful of Republicans left in Washington today, and some of them are questionable. Because they possess none of the principles, morals, or ideals of the once Grand Old Party, they are all RINOs today.

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Trump loves to call his right-wing detractors RINOs. The truth is that Trump is the biggest RINO of all. He is not an American, he is a fascist who hates the nation of our founding fathers.

In 2010, the Republican Party allowed a group of extremists to run for office under the GOP flag. The TEA Party is not part of the Republican Party. Their victories were organized, financed, and planned by the billionaire Koch brothers and others with more money than God. Members of this party take their orders from plutocrats and have no interest in the American people.

“The truth lives here,” and when Trump calls someone a RINO, he is complimenting them. If they oppose the worst man in the world, they may be placing the people first and embracing Republican principles from the past.

Stuart Stevens is a long-time Republican strategist. He was an aid to George W. Bush, and other presidential candidates, Bob Dole and Mitt Romney. He has written another book about Trump and his damage to the Republican Party and our nation. The title is very apropos: “It was All a Lie.”

In the book he fails to attach the failures of his party to Trump, he acknowledges that Trump was as bad a president, and is as horrible a human being as Democrats maintain.

He apologizes for any part he might have had in perpetuation Trump’s many, many lies. He also claims that Trump has destroyed the essence of conservatism forever.

I believe that Ronald Reagan was a terrible president. His wars on the working class and women continue and are unforgivable. However, most Republicans praise Reagan. These same men and women were opposed to a Trump presidency, and continue to denounce his policies. His “big lie” offends most Americans.

It appears that after losses in primaries and public opinion polls, Trump is losing his grip on the once Grand Old Party. `

According to Washington insiders, although nearly 100 percent of those who call themselves Republicans claim to defend and support Trump, as many as 40 senators on the right side of the aisle despise the obese old man. His stronghold remains in the House as the “Freedom Caucus” remains the most right-wing extremist group in Washington. They are members of the new “American Fascist Party.”

Recently Lindsey Graham admitted that members of his party are afraid of Trump. Trump is a bully and has no power other than that which was surrendered to him. So, I say to Graham, “grow a pair and stand up for the people you were elected to serve.”

Trump is the ultimate “RINO.”

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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