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Biden Is More Successful Than Obama and Trump Combined, but the Mainstream Media Is Hiding the Truth

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President Biden has been in office for nearly 17 months and has exceeded my expectations. Although he faces Moscow Mitch McConnell’s “party of no,” the largest obstructionist group in history, he has accomplished more than President Obama and Donald Trump did in 12 years.

Biden entered office with our government in complete disarray. Although the pharmaceutical companies had developed a vaccine to stem the tide of increasing serious illness and deaths from COVID-19, there was no plan to distribute the life-saving medicine. In just weeks his administration began to distribute the vaccine to all 50 states.

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Because Trump did nothing to fight the pandemic, our nation’s economy was in steep decline. Millions of Americans were out of work, and both owners and employees of smaller businesses were facing financial disaster. Biden took action immediately and encouraged Congress to pass a recovery bill to save American jobs, and stimulate the economy. Today, our country is in complete recovery. Unemployment reached an all-time low, and jobs created by his infrastructure bill are moving our nation forward quickly.

The one problem Mr. Biden has been unable to repair is the illusion of inflation. The truth is, price gouging has become a universal effort by corporations favoring right-wing politicians to discredit the President’s accomplishments.

The mainstream media is also hiding the truth from American voters. Yes, Karen, this is a conspiracy based on facts, not “alternative facts.”

These are headlines from NPR and the Daily Kos.

“The economy is strong but voters aren’t feeling it. That’s a problem for Biden”

“The American Rescue Plan saved the economy. Republicans are still trying to undermine its benefits”

These are more than just headlines, they are facts. However, you will never see this type of headline in the New York Times, or the Washington Post. You will never hear about the truth on the nightly news on ABC, NBC, or CBS. That’s why I never watch television news. Half-truths can be more damaging than blatant lies.

Our government is not just broken, it is completely dysfunctional and I believe irreparable in its present form. One entire party stood before the television cameras in January of 2009 and promised to do nothing. It has kept its promise.

In 2020 Republicans lost the presidency and the majority in the Senate. With that, Moscow Mitch McConnell became the Senate Minority Leader. When he was forced to step down as the Majority Leader, he left behind him more than 300 bills passed in the House which were never brought to a vote. Most of them would have benefitted all Americans, not just special interests. There were bills protecting our returning military forces, and a bill allocating funds for each state to help prevent foreign interference in future elections. They gathered dust for nearly four years.

This is your “Republican Party” today. It is no longer the “party of Lincoln,” or even the party of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, or Richard Nixon. Those presidents represented the Grand Old Party and served all Americans. This is not the intention of those who sit on the right side of the aisle today.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist


Daily Kos: Republican states shift federal COVID-19 aid away from economic investment into tax cuts
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