Clarence Thomas Offers Irrefutable Proof That He Is Unfit to Serve on the Supreme Court

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Many of you were not alive or old enough to care about the confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas in 1991. If you paid any attention to the Kavanaugh hearings in 2018, they were similar.

A woman, Anita Hill, accused Thomas of sexual harassment in the workplace. The “good old boys” of the senate, led by Chairman Joe Biden, grilled Ms. Hill ruthlessly, eventually confirming the unqualified man, and calling his accuser a liar.

In 2018 it was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were in college. This time the oldest senator in the club, Chuck Grassley, was the Chairman. Like in 1991, they called Dr. Ford a liar and confirmed one of the least qualified justices in American history. We later learned that the FBI, which is required to fully vet candidates for the Supreme Court, failed their job completely.

In both situations, the Senate allowed two men to sit in the Court for life, although they remain accused criminals.

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Thomas has been a disgrace to the Court since day one. Before the demise of Justice Antonin Scalia, in 2016, Thomas was his puppet. Now he is clearly embarrassing himself.

Thomas’ wife, Virginia, “Ginni,” was involved in the January 6, 2021, failed coup. Her husband is under investigation. Was he aware of her involvement in the insurrection, and was he directly involved? But wait, it gets even more ludicrous.

Thomas is a member of the “Six Bad Actors” on the Court and was eager to overturn Roe v Wade. That wasn’t enough. Now he’s making baseless allegations about the Covid-19 vaccine which saved millions of lives.

Thomas offered a dissenting statement Thursday on a case involving New Your healthcare workers, who are required to offer proof that they were vaccinated to remain employed. Some healthcare workers filed a lawsuit claiming religious exemptions, which was denied by the Court. This is what the unfit justice had to say.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a dissenting opinion Thursday suggested that Covid-19 vaccines were developed using the cells of “aborted children.”

This is another situation when an uneducated man opens his mouth. This vaccine is revolutionary, developed with the use of an entirely new process. There were no cells of aborted children, or any other viable cells used that I am aware of.

His thinly veiled attempt to include two issues into one ignorant argument is purely political and totally opposed to the intent of our founding fathers. This was supposed to be the only branch of our government that was apolitical. However, it is now as corrupt as our legislative branch and completes the efforts of Donald Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell to destroy our government as it existed for 246 years previously, once and for all.

“The truth lives here,” and I am 100 percent convinced that America’s system of governance is beyond repair, and without great and courageous changes, the land, the dream of our founding fathers is but a memory.

The legislative branch has been dysfunctional for 40+ years. Over four years, 2017-2021, the executive branch was completely corrupt and failed its basic function while lying to the American people and spreading conspiracy theories. Now the Supreme Court is corrupted and this is the most destructive change of all. These five men and four women, six of whom have become tools of the extreme right of our country, are appointed for life. The damage they could do in 10, 20, 30 years or more is unimaginable and frightening.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist


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