No Hiding the Truth: Much of the Disasters Happening Today in Washington Can Be Blamed on Obama and Cowardly Dems

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Over the last week, the world has learned that our once respected Supreme Court has been compromised by right-wing extremists handpicked by Moscow Mitch McConnell. “The truth lives here,” and I can tell you that Moscow Mitch is America’s Merlin, and possibly Rasputin. He is the evil man behind all of the destruction happening today. It is Moscow Mitch who created the “party of no,” and the obstruction of all efforts by weak Democrats to serve the needs and wishes of the great majority of our nation’s people.

“The Six Bad Actors” have become a gang hell-bent on destroying the good work of previous Courts over the last 50+ years. They continue to violate their oaths to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They are the enemy.

How did this happen? To answer this, we must go back to February of 2016.

On February 13, 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly at a ranch in Texas. President Obama followed the rules carefully written in the Constitution and nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the seat on the Court vacated by Scalia. Judge Garland was considered moderate and well-liked by both sides of the aisle.

Moscow Mitch created a baseless rule, not stipulated by the Constitution. He, and he alone decided that an empty seat on the Court should not be filled during an election year, although the election was nine months away. He refused to hold confirmation hearings required by the Law of the Land. It became obvious that he was hoping, or maybe he knew, that Trump would win the Electoral College on November 8, 2016.

Here’s where the truth fits reality. What is happening today must partially be blamed on President Obama and his party. He should have gone to the public and laid out Moscow Mitch’s intentions, which were obvious to the informed, challenging the ambitions of the right-wing, possibly damaging their hopes in the election. The old man of the Senate refused to follow the carefully laid out rules in the Constitution, and Obama allowed him to change the future of our nation by refusing to fight for what was right.

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His party was complicit. No one spoke up to defend the intent of the Law of the Land. Democrats placed the future of America in danger by refusing to demand hearings for Judge Garland and make the Court whole.

Move ahead to 2017. Moscow Mitch bowed to Trump’s every demand, becoming “the great hypocrite.” In exchange, your illegitimate president allowed Moscow Mitch and the Federalist Society to pick the individual who would fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch was chosen for one reason, and one reason only, he was strongly in favor of overturning Roe v Wade.

Here’s where the story gets more interesting.

In 2018 Justice Anthony Kennedy decided to retire. Moscow Mitch was given another opportunity to stack the Court. He instructed Trump to nominate an alleged sexual predator, and a man who was totally unqualified to sit on our nation’s highest court, Brett Kavanaugh. However, he was confirmed under an atmosphere of enormous controversy.

What makes this more interesting is that both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh had both clerked for Justice Kennedy. Could this present a valid reason to claim that today’s Court has been politically corrupted?

The final cog in the wheel of injustice was handed to Moscow Mitch on September 18, 2020, just six weeks prior to the general election. A legitimate hero to all true Americans, the “notorious RBG,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, opening a seat on the Court.

Breaking his own rule, because it was to his personal advantage, Moscow Mitch instructed Trump to quickly nominate Amy Coney Barrett. He pushed the process through the senate, without strenuous opposition from Democrats, and Barrett was sworn in in October, less than three weeks before the “rigged” election of 2016.

Barrett remains woefully unfit for a lifetime appointment on the Court. She is a devout member of a Catholic Cult called the “People of Praise.” She was clearly opposed to Roe v Wade, but in violation of the first amendment, first phrase, she is now part of the Six Bad Actors who are shredding the Constitution piece by piece without accepting responsibility or feel shame for the damage she and the five biased and bigoted male counterparts are doing to our nation presently.

What is happening today can be jointly blamed on both Republicans and Democrats, under the control of America’s second greatest traitor, Moscow Mitch McConnell.

Moscow Mitch has been dictating the future of 331 million Americans for far, far too long. He must be exposed as a self-serving egomaniac who has never served the people of Kentucky or his nation once in his miserable life. He has quietly acted like a Mafia Don for nearly 40 years. He is the poster boy for term limits.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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