Corrupt US Senate Passes Bill to Aid Wealthy Americans

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Wealthy Americans are Waiting as Long as Three Days to Buy New Vehicles; the Senate Takes Immediate Action

Computer chips are in short supply in America. There is no danger to daily life, but for corporate America, this is a disaster. Their bloated profits could experience a slight decline.

The automobile industry is suffering. Their customers are being forced to wait as long as three days to purchase a new overpriced vehicle. Never fear — the U.S. Senate is here. It passed a $280 billion rescue fund for another major corporation but can’t find the money to fund universal healthcare for all. America is a business first and a country somewhere farther down the list. Our plutocracy has its priorities, which do not include the welfare of most of our nation’s people.

Democrats and Republicans alike are eager to bail out the richest corporations in the world, but no one cares if a “mom and pop” grocery store was forced into bankruptcy. If millions of Americans are forced into poverty, unable to pay outrageous medical bills, so what?

What is most interesting about his situation is although the right-wing claims it is opposed to socialism, bailing out corporations is socialism at the fascist level. Hypocrisy is abundant in Washington, and I have promised that “the truth lives here,” and I will let the people know the truth.

These corporations, who are responsible for the current “greedflation,” our growing national debt, and the growth of income inequality, want the government to solve their problems again and again. They should be forced to spend some of their own profits to solve their own problems.

As a 76-year-old man who has literally seen it all, I suggest that you trust no one. Your government, the judicial system, law enforcement, the overpaid personalities on television news, and the preacher behind the podium in your church, none of them deserve your support. They all lie to you for personal gain.

Until the welfare of the American people receives priority over corporate profits, America is nothing but a memory of better times.

Courtesy of Colin Lloyd (Unsplash CC0)

The majority of our nation’s people are at the mercy of those in power. We have no voice in Washington, and even our voting rights are under attack by ambitious politicians.

Our economy will never heal from the disastrous failures of George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Democratic presidents who followed them were forced to use drastic methods to save our nation, but that’s not enough.

Republicans continue to fight against every effort to save our economy for future generations. Fair taxation is not on the table; all efforts to make our nation economically sound will not be enough, as “the party of no” has no interest other than winning elections and regaining power.

They want to complete the destruction of our country’s future, ensuring the continuation of America’s plutocracy.

When a nation becomes a plutocracy, the government is not only terminally corrupted; it becomes completely ineffective. This is where we are today. Less than 25 percent of our elected officials are qualified to hold their positions on Capitol Hill.

I promise you that this editorial opinion by one old man who has followed politics for about 66 years is based on fact and meticulous observations over a lifetime.

America has changed. Everything I admired in my younger years no longer exists. Politics is the most corrupt and disgusting profession in the world because only a few men and women retain the power to control the lives of millions. Their personal ambitions take precedence over the needs of the 331 million.

All three branches of our government have become corrupted over the last 40+ years.

America needs a “do over.”

By James Turnage, Novelist


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