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Increasing Domestic Terrorism and Deaths by Gunshot: Who Is Responsible?

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More deaths from gunshots than days on the calendar. Mass shootings are now accurately defined as “domestic terrorism” on the rise more than once each day. The stories are so common, that most are never nationally reported. Unnecessary lives are lost every day, and although 99 percent of these tragedies involve the use of a gun, available and even simple solutions are being ignored.

I read a story not long ago, as sad as any I have ever read in my lifetime. Forgive me, because some of this may have been lost in other stories I have written about gun violence, but the basics are accurate.

A former veteran decided to teach his 12-year-old son how to shoot an AR-15. The first mistake: he took him out to the public land near their home. Discharging a firearm is against county law, but this was ignored.

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He set up a target, knelt next to his son, and gave him instructions. When the first round was expelled, it missed the target, as expected, and ricocheted off a rock.

The wayward bullet struck a 10-year-old boy who was hiking with his father. The bullet lodged in his chest. He later died during surgery in a hospital. But that’s not the end.

A section of the rock had flown from the high-velocity projectile and struck a young, female jogger just above her knee. She never ran again.

Another sad story, you might remember, happened inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. An 18-year-old man entered the school and slaughtered 19 children and two adults as the police remained outside, doing nothing for as long as an hour, the timeline varies. There is no doubt that lives could have been saved, and others like myself can’t help but wonder if the fact that most of the children were Hispanic, living in a state governed by right-wing extremists played a part in another American tragedy.

According to local news reports, this young man purchased two AR-15s earlier in the day. They were purchased legally from a gun store. The clerk never thought to ask him why he needed so much firepower, he was thinking about his profit from the sale.

Our elected officials in Washington, who have the power to make a change and save lives, continue to do nothing but “offer thoughts and prayers.” And that in itself is a lie.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The responsibility lies with our government, gun sellers, gun owners, the NRA gun lobby, and the mainstream media which refuses to take a stand against growing gun violence, and an increase in domestic terrorism in America.

Human beings often express unnecessary fears, but in the 21st century, you are risking your life if you leave your home. No place in America is safe, and I do not need to list them. For a small percentage of Americans, guns have become more important than the lives of their families and friends. The government serves them and ignores the vast majority of innocent people who have a right to expect a feeling of security going about their daily lives.

With one or two exceptions, the same issues which faced Trump on January 20, 2017, face our nation today. He did nothing for four years, and another Democrat is forced to clean up the messes left behind by a Republican. This has been a pattern for nearly 50 years.

However, this one issue, domestic terrorism, and our nation’s obsession with guns can easily be solved, but our government in Washington lacks the cojones to do the right thing.

It is close to the truth that our nation is becoming a country without laws. Anarchy appears to be in control. Our government is dysfunctional. The Constitution has been trashed by all three branches of our government, the executive, the legislative, and now the judicial.

The basic right of an American citizen to feel safe in their daily lives continues to be ignored by all 545 men and women in Washington. The “life” of a one-celled growth in a woman’s womb has become more important than the lives of 331 million people.

Efforts by our government to ignore the facts and misdirect the truth are no longer working.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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