Marijuana Users Celebrate ‘7/10’ Dabs and Concentrates Day

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Marijuana consumers rarely need an excuse to buy their favorite cannabis strains, but with not one but two days to celebrate; 4/20 and 7/10. While most people have heard the reason behind choosing April 20th, “420 is code among police officers for ‘marijuana smoking in progress,'” it is not true, reported Olivia Waxman. On the other hand, the reason “stoners” celebrate July 10th is easy to explain: 710 resembles OIL when rotated upside down, and oil is an umbrella term for a group of highly potent concentrates.

There is no coincidence that the “niche holiday” gained momentum in the last few years as marijuana dispensaries promote 7/10 “Oil day” with price reductions for hash oil, live resin, shatter, and other potent cannabis concentrates. For example, a Portland dispensary’s sale included 40% off top-shelf branded vape cartridges and shatter. Another store offered 15% off of dabs.

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As marijuana consumers tastes developed, concentrates gained popularity, and flower sales decreased. That trend is not likely to change.

Currently, sales of these high potency products make up about 30% of the cannabis market, according to Westworld’s resident stoner, Herbert Fuego. “Sure, dispensaries marketed the [expletive] out of it as July 10 came and went, but what’s so bad about blowout shatter sales?”

When This New Marijuana Holiday Started and How to Celebrate

July 10th is the second-largest weed holiday after April 20th, and neither origin story is verified.

Some sources claim 710 was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2010, but it was connected to marijuana or hash oil until the following year, according to Weedmaps. Other sources tribute TaskRok of Highly Educated. The rapper claims he thought to use the term in a message chat with industry peers. His album, “The Movement,” released on July 10, 2011, featured “references to dabbing and marijuana concentrates including “Boil That Oil” and “7:10,” the Weedmaps blog author further explained.

Traditionally 4/20 is celebrated by indulging at 4:20 a.m. or p.m., so most sources suggest replacing the time with 7:10 a.m. or p.m. for 7/10.

Several organizations and events in cannabis-legal states celebrate 7/10: The 710 Degree Cup in Arizona; Kush Masters 710 Celebration, in Colorado; and Camp Sesh in Oregon.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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