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Adam Laxalt Leads GOP in Lying About Tax Increases on Working Class

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

For the first time since President Biden’s election, Democrats are unanimously supporting a pared-down version of his agenda. Taxes will be increased for those earning more than $400,000 per year and corporations over one billion. However, Republicans are unable to stop lying and placing ads falsely claiming that all income levels will see a large tax increase in 2023.

In my state of Nevada, a “MAGA Republican,” Adam Laxalt, is challenging Senator Catherine Cortez Masto for her seat. Several years ago, he was Nevada’s Attorney General and faced numerous allegations of corruption related to his association with big oil. In 2018 he challenged Democrat Steve Sisolak to replace popular retiring Governor Brian Sandoval. He was easily defeated. As a Trumpster, he has adopted a single tactic to defeat the popular Cortez Masto: lies, lies, and more lies.

“A Democratic bill negotiated between Sens. Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer would increase taxes on millions of Americans across every income bracket.” Adam Laxalt

A joint committee in congress assessed the latest legislation and reported a possible one percent increase for all brackets. This would be the maximum.

However, this study did not factor in subsidies for energy efficiency and clean energy, the continuation of expiring subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, and lower drug prices because of Medicare negotiations. Independent experts expect these benefits to cancel out or reverse any negative tax impacts.

The truth is that the only noticeable tax increases will be levied on our nation’s wealthiest Americans and largest corporations.

Laxalt is desperate. He has no support from the business, firemen, law enforcement, or educational community and almost no support from past Nevada Republicans who remain respected and popular in our state.

“The truth lives here,” and I am telling you that all across the nation, Republicans are using lies, scare tactics and conspiracy theories with the hope of winning elections. They cannot run on the issues; they oppose everything important to the majority of Americans from healthcare reform, women’s rights, sensible immigration reform, reducing the cost of higher education, fair taxation, less dependence on fossil fuels, First Amendment Rights for all Americans, and changes in our gun laws which will make it safe to leave our homes.

Check the past and present records of all men and women who claim to be Republicans, and you will learn that the above is pure fact. Right-wing politicians support plutocrats, not working-class Americans.

What this bill will do is fund the battle to end climate change. It will also allow Medicare officials to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies. It will give the Internal Revenue Service additional power to enforce compliance with tax laws. The latter will return more money to the Treasury than the bill will cost.

Polls showing President Biden’s low approval ratings are very unfair. For four years, America did not have a working president. Trump golfed, partied at Mar-a-Lago, held hate rallies, and watched Fox News. Not once in four years did Trump and his administration accomplish something positive for the American people. For Biden, this is just one of many successes in his first 19 months.

Maybe the reason for this is simpler than we think. Unlike Trump, President Biden has not faced multiple allegations of criminal action, nor has he taken hours out of every day attacking anyone who does not agree with him. Mr. Biden does not spend hours on the phone each day talking to Vladimir Putin, Fox News, and later in the day, specifically Sean Hannity, before bedtime.

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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