Anne Heche Has Not Regained Consciousness

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Anne Heche is still in a critical state since her vehicle crashed into a Los Angeles house on Friday. But, Heche’s condition is much more serious than it appeared over the weekend.

An earlier representative said that “Anne was in stable condition, but that was inaccurate. She has always remained in critical condition following the accident,” said her spokesperson. Heche is presently being treated at the Grossman Burn Center for burns that require surgical procedures. LAPD Officer Annie Hernandez stated that the misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run investigation against Heche in Los Angeles, California is still ongoing. Once it is finished, it will be referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, Hernandez said.

Despite the fire engulfing both Heche’s vehicle and the house she crashed into, 59 firefighters battled the blaze for 65 minutes until she could be extracted from the wreckage. Shortly after the accident, she was able to communicate but subsequently lost consciousness. In the minutes before the crash, Heche was filmed driving carelessly and driving too fast, including having an accident just blocks away. A podcast featuring Heche in which she slurs her words was made public Friday, and it has been connected to the crash online. That podcast was recorded Tuesday, according to sources.

Heche’s representative says she hasn’t been able to meet with investigators due to her injuries. Friends of Lynne Mishele said she narrowly escaped physical damage after a car crashed into her home and then caught fire while she was inside at the time. Neighbors John and Jennifer Durand started a GoFundMe campaign to aid Mishele after they learned of the incident that destroyed her house by a car driving at a high speed, causing a fire.

Investigators say  Mishele was in her house when Heche crashed into it and set it on fire, burning down everything except for a few damaged sentimental items. “The Durands say that Mishele lost everything besides her ‘beautiful pups Bree and Rueban, and tortoise Marley,’ after their Mar Vista residence was wrecked by a vehicle barreling through it at a high speed, starting a fire. Because we are ‘very, very grateful that our family narrowly escaped physical injury, the house was completely destroyed,” the GoFundMe statement says.

Because of the delay in getting the results, Hernandez said the LAPD will send the case to the LA City Attorney’s office once the investigation is finished.

Heche has not been conscious since shortly after her vehicle crashed in Los Angeles on Friday. Initial reports said she was “stable” and firefighters reported that she spoke to them as they rescued her from the wreckage. On Monday, however, a spokesperson for Heche, 53, said: Heche’s condition is stable despite her accident and subsequent unconsciousness, which resulted in a coma. Heche has severe pulmonary injuries that require mechanical ventilators and burns that require surgical treatment. Her family is requesting thoughts and prayers at this time.

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas

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