Could Wisconsin and America See the End of Ron Johnson?

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For the last five-and-a-half years, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has offered his fealty to Donald Trump, not to his country or the people of his state, but to an old, obese sexual predator who hates his own country. Johnson is a loud-mouthed, old, white man who has been seen spending time in Moscow, paying homage to Vladimir Putin, including at least one visit during the Thanksgiving Holiday. He is one of 33 senators up for re-election in November.

Although he currently has a slight lead in the polls over his Democratic challenger, the election is still 82 days away, and his future is likely tied to Trump and what happens to him over the next couple of months. It doesn’t look good for the orange buffoon. He is facing several criminal charges by the DOJ and the state of New York, which are more likely to follow.

Mandela Barnes is a 35-year-old millennial currently serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, and he is Black. He is progressive and has the full support of the state’s Democratic leadership.

Courtesy of Wisconsin National Guard (Flickr CC0)

Johnson’s campaign attempts to compare him to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which may or may not be detrimental to his campaign. For most, this is a badge of honor. Ocasio-Cortez has, by her actions, proven that she loves her country.

Johnson has been remaking himself to make be more acceptable to anti-Trump voters. He recently spoke about new tactics designed to discredit Barnes and make himself more likable.

“I’m trying to tell people who I am. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished in life, both in the private sector and as a United States senator,” Johnson told NBC News in an interview Tuesday. “I’d much rather lead with that — I’d much rather win based on that message.”

Barnes’ campaign countered with their own depiction of Johnson.

Barnes’ campaign spokeswoman Maddy McDaniel said that “Ron Johnson will keep lying about Mandela Barnes to distract voters from his terrible record.”

She added: “But it’s not working — Wisconsinites are going to elect Mandela Barnes in November,” calling him a “champion for the middle class who understands what they are going through, not an out-of-touch politician like Ron Johnson.”

What no one is talking about is the importance of age in November and in 2024. With an average age of 38.2 in the past. He is unrelatable to most Americans, and this is a growing problem for many incumbents in Washington today. Johnson is 67 years old and totally out of touch with most Americans.

In 2020, younger Americans went to the polls in larger numbers than ever before. The same was true for single women. Today’s pretend Republicans continue to discount these two demographics, which could end their ability to win elections once and for all.

Our nation will never heal until every member of the MAGA Republican Party is removed from Washington. They do not serve you or me and have become our enemy. Johnson has attacked real Americans for years and will say anything to remain in power. He is not worthy, and evicting him from Washington will raise the hopes of all true patriots. One down, and many more to go.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
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