Last Week Was Excellent for Democrats, and Very Bad for Trump’s MAGA Republicans

Courtesy of Trump White House Archived (Flickr PDM)

More than five years have passed since America was infected with what could have been a fatal disease. “Trumpism” arrived in the form of an obese, orange, angry abomination. It appeared harmless and aimless, just a gelatinous and grotesque blob in need of attention. Before it could be eradicated, it infected a large number of old white men inside of a domed building sitting on a hill in a city pretending to replicate the glory of ancient Rome. It began to spread among the unwashed and uninformed until it appeared to become indestructible, causing pain and suffering across an entire nation.

However, over the last 20 months, the vaccine known as “the truth” began to show weak areas in its orange, scaly skin. The possible cure was invented through the efforts of 81 million people and placed in the hands of a trusted leader named Joe Biden.

Last week the month of August roared into our lives. The long, exhausting battles over the last five years were rewarded with some much-needed victories over Trumpism and its army of infected and dying humanoid creatures, which came to be known as “MAGAS.”

The week began with two former members of the people’s army who had powers that could greatly help them in their efforts to eradicate Trumpism. Their names are ‘Manchin’ and ‘Sinema.” They decided to set aside their fears and self-interests and help clean the air and water poisoned by Trumpism and its horde of decrepit, beady-eyed lizard-like creatures.

Courtesy of Geoff Livingston (Flickr CC0)

Another possible victory showed promise when the leaders in the fight against Trumpism looked closely into the heart of the infection, which revealed several weaknesses. Investigations into finding a way to attack the source of the infestation were discovered, and if the origin of Trumpism could be contained or destroyed, its aging army would simply begin to die or fade away. If it could be locked away where it could no longer endanger living creatures or be erased once and for all, it could never return to harm others.

Then came new volunteers to fight the disease. Leaders had hoped for 250,000 additional soldiers to increase their efforts, but a surprising number of 528,000 arrived. This amazing news reinvigorated the soldiers on the front lines in the fight against Trumpism.

Trumpism’s already infected army showed less aggression as a growing number of volunteers armed with the vaccine began to weaken the spread of the disease across the country. ‘The truth’ proved to be more powerful than anticipated and started to weaken the effects of the disease. Hope turned into optimism that in the near future, Trumpism would become a bad memory that would be completely forgotten over time, never to raise its orange head again.

The most important result of the war on Trumpism was the choice to make Mr. Biden their leader. He and his team are tireless and will never cease their efforts to crush the disease once feared to become the end of the dreams of everyone in the land.

In time, the people will lose their fear of Trumpism and live their lives joyously without the constant barrage of a growing infestation as the army of infected and incurable creatures dies off. They will be replaced by disease-free humans who will reproduce a generation of successors unencumbered by the side effects of anger, hatred, and violence. A new and better world will evolve.

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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Inset Image Courtesy of Geoff Livingston’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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