A Win for Dan Newhouse Indicates a Growing Desire to Forget Donald Trump

Courtesy of gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

Republicans have placed themselves in a very difficult position, and I don’t feel sorry for them. Support for the worst president in history is waning but not gone. The midterm elections on November 8th are critical for both parties.

Midterm elections are traditionally ignored by many uninspired voters. The truth is they are equally important to the general elections when we choose our president. All 435 members of the House and one-third of the senate are up for election or reelection. Control of the House and Senate are in the balance, and that is more important than the woman or man who sits behind the Resolute Desk.

Republican candidates are forced to decide if they remain members of the Donald Trump MAGA Party or disassociate themselves from our nation’s biggest traitor.

When Trump was impeached for the second time after he executed a failed coup on January 6, 2021, just 10 Republicans voted in favor of impeachment. In what became a mockery of a trial, Trump was acquitted by every Republican in the Senate.

One of the Representatives who chose to do the right thing for his country was Dan Newhouse from Washington state. Last week he won the state’s primary, soundly defeating the other three Republicans. More interesting is what was revealed by the state’s primary system.

All candidates from every party are placed on a single ballot. Newhouse not only defeated the other Republicans, but he also defeated Doug White, the Democrat he will face in November, by just one-tenth of a percent.

Although several candidates endorsed by Trump have been successful in some of the state’s primaries, the split in party loyalty has become an undeniable fact and may be the reason Democrats retain control of the legislature.

The voters of Washington state ruined a big part of Trump’s plan for revenge. His primary goal in the 2022 primaries was to defeat the 10 House Republicans who believed he was guilty and voted for impeachment.

Trump has no interest in the welfare of our country and its people. Once again, Trump proves that he only cares about Donald Trump. This includes the fact that he would abandon his own family if it improved his life.

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

Harshly, but honestly put, only a fool, a fascist, or a Neo-Nazi would vote for Trump. Denial is not a possibility. Everyone with eyes and/or ears is fully aware that Trump is unworthy of any American’s vote. His ambitions include ending the United States of America as created by our Founding Fathers.

Everyone will be watching on November 8th. This election will decide the future of America, whether our nation will move in a forward and positive direction or return to the negative and backward direction we experienced between 2017 and 2021.

Of equal importance is the future of the once Grand Old Party. As it exists today, it is but a memory. Many of the men and women who sit on the right side of the aisle deserted their party and have sworn to serve in the Trump MAGA Republican Party. They have abandoned their American citizenship and proven that they are unworthy of serving in Washington.

Moscow Mitch McConnell and his party proved just how corrupt and untrustworthy they are when they refused to give Trump a fair trial after either of his impeachments.

I believe that neither trust nor respect is given; they must be earned. As I see it today, and “the truth lives here,” all 545 men and women who compose our federal government are unworthy of claiming to possess these attributes. Washington D.C is the most corrupt capital city in the world.

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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