Moscow Mitch McConnell Set in Motion Donald Trump’s Attacks on Democracy

Courtesy of US Marine Corps (NARA PDM)

Moscow Mitch McConnell Will be Remembered as the Man who Set in Motion Donald Trump’s      Attacks on Democracy

Moscow Mitch McConnell, the ‘old man of the Senate,’ is ‘a sneaky 78-year-old professional politician’ who paved the path for Trump to commit multiple Constitutional violations while he hid in his office, reaping the benefits. Trump had no idea what he was doing, and it was clear from day one that Moscow Mitch was manipulating the malignant narcissist.

The facts prove that Trump spent four years as a tool for Moscow Mitch, Vladimir Putin, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and others who nurtured the old, obese man’s ego. He knows nothing about government or anything else. These men cleverly convinced the orange buffoon that everything was his idea. It never was. Trump has never had a single good idea in his pitiful life.

Moscow Mitch is in his seventh, six-year term and does not have a single accomplishment that positively affected the people of Kentucky or our nation. The truth is that during Trump’s illegitimate presidency, he refused to allow a floor vote on more than 300 bills passed in the House which would have had positive results for all 331 million Americans. Among these bills was one allocating money to each state to help prevent foreign intervention in our elections. This earned him the nickname ‘Moscow Mitch.’

It was Moscow Mitch who pushed tax cuts for the super-rich and largest corporations through congress; it was Moscow Mitch, with the assistance of “Lyin” Paul Ryan, who attempted to push through “Trumpcare” and remove healthcare from about 24 million Americans. It was Moscow Mitch who forced the confirmation of the three worst Supreme Court justices in history, the last one breaking his own rule.

In 2016 Moscow Mitch refused to hold hearings, for now, Attorney General Merrick Garland, claiming that no new justices should be nominated during an election year. This was in February. However, in 2020, he rushed the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett. She was confirmed in October, less than one month until the election.

It was Moscow Mitch, in collusion with the Federalist Society, who picked Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett for a single purpose: they promised to overturn Roe v Wade. Trump played no part in choosing the two men and one woman. He was too busy golfing. Most importantly, it was Moscow Mitch who refused to hold a fair trial after Trump was impeached twice for Constitutional violations. If a just effort had been conducted by Moscow Mitch, Trump would not have been allowed to run in 2020, and the darkest day in history, January 6, 2021, would never have happened.

Trump is a horrible man, but it was the man behind the man, Moscow Mitch, who worked hard under Donny boy’s illegitimate term in office to accomplish his personal ambitions.

Moscow Mitch is known as a “political organizer” whose primary goal is power. That he has accomplished. Both the legislative and judicial branches obey his demands without question. He is the ‘Rasputin,’ or possibly the ‘Merlin’ of modern American politics.

What we can say without argument is that Moscow Mitch places himself and his party ahead of the needs of the American people. I believe that if today’s Republicans in name only do not regain control of the Senate in November, he will retire before or after his current term in office. By then, he will be an octogenarian. He will not accept being the Senate Minority Leader. He is power-mad, and if Democrats and Independents retain power, his biggest personal ambition will be crushed.

My personal feelings about Moscow Mitch are clear. I believe that he is the ‘poster boy’ for congressional and Supreme Court term limits. He has proven that the longer any politician retains power in Washington, the less effective and more corrupt he or she becomes.

His three justices, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, could not have overturned the decision of a Court 50 years ago without the assistance of Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts, who have long overstayed their usefulness.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image by Lance Cpl. Tia Dufour for US Marine Corps. Courtesy of NARA – Public Domain License
Inset Image by US National Archives Courtesy of NARA – Public Domain License

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