Warrant Exposes Trump’s Lies and Violations of Espionage Act

Courtesy of Trump White House Archived (Flickr PDM)

We know little about the warrant, which allowed the FBI to search Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. We do know they were looking for documents Trump illegally removed from the White House when Trump was evicted on January 20, 2021. This was a serious violation of the Espionage Act.

We also know that the rules involving a search include the FBI’s ability to gather information related to other alleged crimes and misdemeanors. They were given access to Trump’s private safe.

Those who are in charge of archiving these types of documents knew immediately that many boxes of those documents were missing, some classified. Trump was ordered to return them immediately. Fifteen boxes were sent back to Washington. However, after carefully checking the contents of those boxes, they learned that 12 more remained unaccounted for. The FBI apparently found them in the basement storage area of Trump’s millionaires-only resort. They were secured with a single padlock.

Revealed today was a fact undisclosed by Trump. He was served with a subpoena issued by a special grand jury for those documents in June. His claim that anything linking him to a crime was “planted” is completely ridiculous.

To those of you who say, “Trump was unaware of the seriousness of taking those documents,” stop pretending that you are naïve. He was the president, and he was required to know the laws about everything in his universe of responsibility. You might also attempt to be flippant and say, “how important could they be?”

The answer was revealed today. They are of far greater importance than any civilian might have previously believed. Trump continues to believe that he is entirely above the law and can do anything he wishes. They might very well contain evidence about his involvement in many crimes, including collusion with Russia in the 2016 election.

The Daily Kos listed a few of his crimes prior to illegitimately winning the Electoral College in 2016.

  • how Trump began his life of criminality at the age of thirteen,
  • how Roy Cohn and his stable of NYC mobsters groomed Trump,
  • how Trump admitted to using bribery as a strategy,
  • how Rod Rosenstein curtailed the Mueller Investigation and the FBI’s investigation,
  • how Trump’s Taj Mahal was the Russian Mob’s favorite East Coast destination,
  • how Scotland is still considering investigating Trump for money laundering,
  • how Trump recruited Russian media consultants to work on his 2016 campaign,
  • and how Trump University and the Trump Foundation were shuttered by the court

But why did he feel the need to steal such a large number of documents?

The simple answer comes from his past: He will do anything to protect himself and remain a free man.

The January 6 select committee has produced a plethora of documents, all of them pointing to one man in control of the planning, organization, and execution of the failed coup. It has long been a supposition that Trump had in his possession documents and other material which would guarantee a conviction in federal court.

This has been a very bad week for Trump. More importantly, it may have been a very good week for Democratic candidates in the November midterm elections. His corruption will undoubtedly encourage more Democratic-leaning voters to go to the polls and possibly influence Trump supporters, “Magamericans,” to either change their votes or refrain from going to the polls. If he is tried and convicted for any of the crimes with which he is charged, he will not be allowed to run in 2024.

Trump’s presidency, his entire life, is far more sinister than any political writer could have imagined. He was born a criminal and will die a criminal. He doesn’t know any other lifestyle, and it carried over into his tenure in the White House.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Trump White House Archived’s Flickr Page – Public Domain License

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