Banning History Is the Most Backwards Move of All by the Right-Wing

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History offers immeasurable value to those who study how we got to where we are today. Some of what happened decades and even centuries ago were good and even inspiring. Some of it was bad and even horrific. Everything from our past has lessons. Ignoring history won’t make it go away, we will only be forced to relive the worst.

This is exactly what today’s fake Republicans are attempting to do in the 21st century. They are trying to make changes in our schools, and create a generation of extreme ignorance, denying the biggest problem which continues to face our nation 246 years later, racism.

Governors in red states, some names you know all too well, are ordering all books referring to slavery, racism in general, and the LGBTQ community removed from our libraries. For me, this is no surprise. I have known for years that those who call themselves “Republicans” are the party of racism, homophobia, and misogyny.

Beginning in 1981, and culminating in 2018, efforts from the right to take runaway capitalism and move it forward, remaking our nation into a plutocracy succeeded. It may not surprise you that not only is the party that supports them extremely prejudiced, but most of our wealthiest citizens are also white supremacists and bigots.

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Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that many of our presidents have been extremely racist. In modern history, post-WWII, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and of course Trump all harbored hatred for Black Americans, and/or Hispanics. For decades the mental health community taught us that those who display an extreme fear of homosexuals were themselves afraid that they were predisposed to have romantic feelings for someone of the same sex.

All prejudice is based on ignorance. This is a fact and why our nation continues to exist in the past and has never been ‘great.’

There are many reasons why the hatred for Black Americans and fear of the LGBTQ community display a level of extreme ignorance.

However, even more so is the undeniable fact that America is becoming more diverse and at a more rapid pace than predicted. Mixed-race couples are the norm and within only a couple of generations, pure whites will be the minority.

When America is free from people like Trump and his devoted fellow fascists, many of whom hold seats in the House and Senate, we will return to a time when our nation was healing from the sins of our predecessors. History is a great teacher. Our mistakes are many, but if we remove the trash from Washington and replace it with women and men who love their country and our people, the evil created by Trump and his cronies can be reversed.

Not a single nation in the world can celebrate all of its past. However, the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution allowed both the best and the worst of our nation’s people to submit an agenda to our nation’s people which was based on both democratic and fascist principles for 246 years. Democracy is a complicated philosophy and invites the best and the worst an opportunity to offer their views to millions of people who can vote for them or against them.

Currently, America is engaged in a fight for its future. Will we remain a bright star for freedom or succumb to the evils of fascism? This frightens me because the American people are the least informed citizens in the world. We are lazy and expect someone else to do everything for us. The single fact that Trump received 74 million votes in 2020 after he was impeached, and failed to lead our nation in the single crisis he faced as the pandemic cost the lives of more than one million people gives me enormous concern. I’m not sure that America will exist throughout the 21st century. This is up to you and your vote on November 8th and in 2024. It’s your country to save or surrender to the Neo-Nazis fighting for Trump’s view of America.

By James Turnage, Novelist
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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