California Wildfire Destroys Homes and Injures Many

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A California wildfire has forced thousands of residents to evacuate. This blazing fire whipped through Northern California, which caused many homes to fall and many more people with injuries.

The fire started on Friday near a wood-products plant. The fire rapidly entered a nearby Weed and took down everything in its path. People in the area described thick smoke and lots of ash raining from the sky, which must have been a scary sight.

A resident by the name of Annie Peterson talks with reporters, saying that she was minding her own business, sitting on her front porch, when suddenly she heard a loud noise and lots of fire coming toward her. In that instant, her home and several more were all burned down.

“It was like the world was coming to an end,” Peterson exclaimed.

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A California fire spokeswoman, Suzi Bradly, made it clear that there were many people who were injured. People who got caught in the flames were transported to nearby hospitals. Some were fortunate enough to be in stable condition, but others had to be taken to facilities with burn units to accommodate those with severe burns better.

Rebecca Taylor, a communications director for Roseburg Forest Products based in Oregon, says that it is still not determined if the fire started in the wood-products plant or next to it. Fortunately, all employees of the products plant were evacuated, and none were injured.

It is said that the flames were dragged through dry grass, which caused lots of it to spread very fast. Around 7,500 people in Weed and neighboring towns were forced to evacuate.

This is one of the biggest wildfires in days. The ongoing droughts and heat waves are not helping the situation at all. California has experienced many fires, which have been the largest in state history.

Written by Esteban Ruiz


NPR: A Northern California wildfire has injured several people and destroyed homes

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