Is Trump Preparing ‘His People’ for a Second Coup d’ Etat?

Trump held another hate rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Saturday evening. It began as the same old thing, a crowd filled with “Trump’s people,” men and women who are brainwashed and share the vile, regressive beliefs of the worst illegitimate president in history. However, some observers who were not part of the cult noticed some subtle changes.

The background music sounded familiar. It was a song from 2020, “WWG1WGA,” a reference to the QAnon slogan “where we go one we go all.” Some of his “people” accepted this as a ‘call to arms.’ In recent weeks Trump began threats of a violent uprising if he is finally indicted for his crimes.

QAnon followers share a single belief that they will eventually take control of our country and arrest, imprison, and execute Democrats, celebrities, and all others who oppose Trump’s fascist agenda. These patriotic men and women are considered to be part of a “cabal of Satanic cannibalistic pedophiles” by QAnon believers. I couldn’t make this s**t up for one of my novels. Of course, their ‘draft dodger’ leader will not be leading them. He will be hiding somewhere far behind like all bullies.

Trump is no longer pretending that he is not the leader of this ‘conspiracy cult.’ He is embracing anyone who will continue supporting him. The world’s biggest loser is losing again, and this time his MAGA Republicans cannot save his humongous derriere.

Some time ago when the orange buffoon was asked about QAnon’s prime belief about liberal ‘pedophiles,’ his response was, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” He added, “If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it.”

After he finished saying the same things over and over again, there was an immediate response on Twitter from “his people.”

“Yup, haters!” wrote one commenter on an anonymous QAnon message board. “Trump re-truthed Q memes. And he’ll do it again, more and more of them, over and OVER, until (asterisk)everyone(asterisk) finally gets it. Make fun of us all you want, whatever! Soon Q will be everywhere!”

“Trump Sending a Clear Message Patriots,” a QAnon-linked account on Truth Social wrote. “He Re-Truthed This for a Reason.”

Every time I read about Trump’s “people” I realize that more than 120 million of our country’s people are not Americans. They are pretenders who support a fascist takeover of our nation’s government. The punishment given to the rioters who attempted to end democracy on January 6, 2021, was far too lenient. Their citizenship should have been removed and permanently exiled from our nation.

“The truth lives here” and it is clear that Trump renounced his right to citizenship on his first day in office. Impeached twice for cause, two fraudulent trials in the Senate, failure to lead our nation through the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, refusal to continue the peaceful and dignified exchange of power after the 2020 election, planning, organizing, and executing an attempted coup, and stealing classified documents from the White House prove that he does not believe in America or the Constitution by which our nation is governed. Donald John Trump was never an ‘American president.’

By James Turnage, Novelist


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