One Party (Republican), One Illegitimate President, and 331 Million People in Fear of Their Future

RepublicanOver four long years one political party and their illegitimate president fought against the needs and wishes of 331 million people. I am aware that most Americans just don’t get it, apathy is not new in America. However, it is a fact that the Republican Party of your grandfather has not existed since 1981. Then along came a failed businessman who is totally unqualified to lead our nation, who is openly racist, bigoted, and a supporter of fascist leaders, opposes our democratic society and was embraced by 100 percent of the new and depraved “Trump MAGA Republicans.” This formula, combined with a nation which has become lawless, allowing the rich and powerful to remain free after committing the most serious crimes in our nation, resulted in a total lack of faith in our government and concerns for the future of every man, woman, and child in America.

What continues to cause me worry, and crush my hope for our country’s very existence in the future, is the willingness of tens-of-million Americans to accept thousands of lies, and hundreds of crimes from the worst president in history, and the refusal of his party to serve our nation’s people. Polls on every issue important to the American people reveal the fact every professional politician calling themselves “Republican,” is opposed to the will of at least 60 percent of all Americans. This includes six members of the Supreme Court which lost its legitimacy after the Federalist Society and Moscow Mitch McConnell forced the confirmation of the three least qualified justices in history who are controlled by right-wing extremists.

The people are justified in their concerns. America has lost its way. Our government was designed to serve the people, not rule over them, and this is no longer the situation. We have been ignored for the last 41 years by one entire political party. They don’t care about us, they serve special interests and have moved our nation to the next level above capitalism, a plutocracy.

All Americans have a right to be concerned about the future of their country. The truth is that since the time of Abraham Lincoln the once Grand Old Party has devolved and has been extinct since 2017. A long string of incompetent and bigoted presidents and legislators on the right side of the aisle abandoned the morals, and patriotism of their predecessors, surrendering their dignity and self-respect to our nation’s billionaires, millionaires, and a fascist president. The United States of America has become a business, and less of a country.

I marvel that one incompetent and uncaring party, and their failed leader, destroyed the accomplishments of the women and men who fought to make our nation better for 241 years and were able to destroy all those accomplishments in four. Of course, it couldn’t have been accomplished without millions of voters who are either ignorant, brain-dead, or share the fascist beliefs of the politicians they elect.

Is there hope for America? I admit that I’m not sure. Our nation is never united except when the entire nation is under attack by a common enemy. The attack on our nation in the 21st century is coming from within. We are engaged in a second Civil War. Will the Union survive this time? I am doubtful. I don’t believe real Americans have the courage or resolve to defeat the ‘enemy within.’

By James Turnage, Novelist


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